Asset Trackers – What Fleets Should Consider For Asset Management

March 1, 2021


Asset Trackers – What Fleets Should Consider For Asset Management

What Asset Trackers Fleets Should Be Considering


Fleets are evolving with the growing demands of the world economy. To meet demands, fleets primarily approach telematics to improve their performance in efficiency, safety, and maintenance management. In telematics, asset trackers play a big role because they provide data, and that gives fleets more control over their resources. Therefore, there are several asset trackers being developed targeting different variables that everyone in a fleet-related industry should keep an eye on. 


Trax – The Headquarters Of Asset Management Operations


All asset trackers work with a backend software, where fleet managers have access to all the data. Here at Zenduit, five asset trackers have been developed that integrate with Trax. Trax is the backend software that will be used by fleets when they are equipped with the ZenRemora, ZenFalcon, ZenGuppy, ZenBeacon , and/or the ZenSatellite. With the Trax software available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, fleets can view asset location data from anywhere and can operate their fleet from behind a desk. 


Asset Trackers Integrating With Trax


As mentioned above, five asset trackers integrate with Trax, but depending on what your fleet prioritizes and requires, the trackers you desire will differ. Each tracker has different specializations and various features that allow them to be important during unique scenarios. 


Figuring out what each tracker excels at is important for deciding which will serve your customers best.


ZenRemora  – A General Solution To Asset Management


The ZenRemora is a GPS device that excels at tracking non-powered assets where battery life is essential without sacrificing updated frequency and accuracy performance. Along with asset tracking, it can be used for theft recovery, tamper detection, run hours monitoring, preventive maintenance and features a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gateway.


Battery life being an essential component, the ZenRemora can operate for up to ten years at one daily GPS ping, and 5 years at one ping an hour. With such battery life, the ZenRemora should be considered by most industries looking for a reliable and affordable solution to general asset monitoring. It would be a great investment for long haul deliveries as they require several pings daily. 


ZenGuppy – Tracking Small Assets Within Budget


The ZenGuppy is a compact, rugged Bluetooth tag perfect for low-cost monitoring of assets. This is a great combination with the ZenRemora to equip your fleet with. While ZenRemora tracks the entire asset, the ZenGuppy can keep track of all the low value or small assets where it may not make commercial sense to attach a more robust and expensive device. 


From a technical perspective, The ZenGuppy can transmit a beacon signal every few seconds, broadcasting the device serial number, manufacturer code, battery voltage, transmit power and temperature. The ZenGuppy was designed such that all industries can make use of it to track any desired asset for an affordable price. 


ZenFalcon – Simplifying Temperature Monitoring


ZenFalcon is the solution to look out for if tracking temperature and humidity is your fleet’s priority. ZenFalcon’s differentiating feature is its ability to measure the temperature, moisture and humidity of its immediate location. Temperature tracking is most beneficial for food and drug transportation, or other temperature sensitive cargo. This is because the ZenFalcon monitors environmental conditions and alerts key users if temperatures exceed or fall below certain levels.


The ZenFalcon ensures proper transportation conditions are met, and if there is a breach or unsafe change in temperature, it will notify the fleet. Managing proper reporting and recordkeeping related to cold chain custody will be much easier, and FDA and FSMA regulations will be strictly enforced. 


ZenBeacon – Tracking Outside Cellular Coverage


The ZenBeacon provides an alternative to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking via Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacons. This makes it a resourceful solution for fleets travelling in areas not having cellular coverage. It includes a set of sensors that provide data at approximately one minute intervals on light exposure, temperature and asset impact. This would be ideal for long haul trips that tend to be out of cellular coverage.


The ZenSatellite – A Satellite Solution To Asset Tracking


Having BLE technology for travelling outside cellular coverage is a great choice, but Satellite tracking surpasses all tracking systems. The ZenSatellite is designed to manage powered and non-powered fixed and mobile assets, and is a practical solution for tracking asset location, reporting unauthorized movement, engine runtime reporting and major fault monitoring. It can track intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats as a solution to improve an asset’s efficiency, security and operational efficiency.


Built to be a low maintenance device and having upto 10 years of battery life, the ZenSatellite drastically reduces maintenance time and cost for labour and parts. Furthermore, its wide range of reporting capabilities include GPS location reporting in four modes, geofencing with configurable range setting, stationary or in-motion reporting, reduced messaging mode, theft recovery mode and data transmission from external sensors.


With several asset trackers available, fleets should consider taking advantage of these telematics solutions to improve their fleet operations for increased productivity, safety and maintenance management. For an in-depth look at what solutions would work best for your fleet, contact our solution experts to help your fleet obtain a custom solution.