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Dash Cameras & AI

AI-powered telematics solutions to increase safety of drivers and protect assets

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Tailor-Made Features

Create custom alerts to review safety practices on the road with video incident management services available.

Exonerate Drivers from False Claims

Exonerate Drivers from False Claims

Leverage video footage when an incident is reported to see true events of what happened.

In-Cab Coaching and Consultation

In-Cab Coaching and Consultation

Conduct virtual ride along with driver and enable in-cab coaching with real-time video streams

Real-time Monitoring of Driver Behavior

Real-time Monitoring of Driver Behavior

Detect unsafe driving behavior with AI detection and automatic alerts of speeding

Stream Live or Play Back Video in High Definition

Automated recording and retrieval of critical road and driver-facing footage in High Definition to ensure Driver Safety

Upload footage securely to the cloud
Easy footage access for review processes
Live coaching of driving events as they happen
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Actionable Alerts and Custom Rules

Leverage AI and facial recognition software within camera devices to automatically detect high-risk behavior and enable actionable alerts to take informed decisions.

Get real-time alerts for distracted driving or dangerous driving
Driver scoring to detect training gaps
Prevent risks by allowing only assigned drivers use vehicles.
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Actionable Alerts and Custom Rules
Improve Driver Performance with In-Cabin Coaching

Improve Driver Performance with In-Cabin Coaching

Have our team review footage and provide techniques and coaching to improve your driver behaviors and fleet operations on the go

Detect gaps in driving behavior training
View driver scores and assign specific training if needed
Reward drivers with low driving incidents and high driver scores
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How it works?

Here’s how you can be hands-off when it comes to video incident management.

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Sign up for the Managed Service add-on where our team conducts human reviews of collected footage.

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After our team reviews your footage, receive our recommendations and next steps for each incident.

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Ensure driver safety by conducting in-cab coaching for time-sensitive incidents and assign appropriate training for long term solutions.

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