Easy Company Training

ZenduLearn changes the way you train your fleet. The application offers innovative solutions to traditional training methods such as completion tracking and personalized learning, so training your employees has never been more efficient. ZenduLearn automates the common tasks of employee training, such as marking quizzes, sending notifications for incomplete training modules, and issuing certifications. The centralized platform also allows you to keep track of every driver's progress so you can maintain a strong learning environment within your team.

Efficient Course Creation and Assignment

ZenduLearn streamlines the job of the fleet manager by simplifying the training process. With ZenduLearn, the need to have dedicated personnel for training is gone. Save money and keep your fleet protected by issuing courses and safety modules faster than ever.

Course Builder

Our drag and drop course builder allows you to create courses and sub-modules with ease. Add videos, text, PDFs, and even create quizzes to customize course content.

Course Assignment

Administer courses to individual users, or your own defined user groups. Add a deadline, and ZenduLearn will automatically track late submissions and notify drivers if a deadline is coming up.

Custom Permissions

Add collaborators and choose who is allowed to assign, monitor, and assess courses.

Convenient User Features For Your Students

ZenduLearn has a clean and simple interface for your users so they can start learning right away. ZenduLearn looks great on all device sizes, so your users can take their courses on the go whenever they want.

Course Library

Students can optionally self-enroll to any courses made available to them, including Zenduit-made training in our course library.

Live Notifications

Get alerted when a course has been assigned to you, as well as notifications when a course is soon due, overdue, marked, and approved.

Certificate of Completion

A proof of completion will be created upon finishing and passing training modules so you can effectively track employee progress and skills.