zenduit.com understands and places the utmost importance on protecting the privacy of our valued customers and website users. As a result we adhere to the highest of industry standard policies, through following strict guidelines relating to the way in which we obtain and use any user information, keeping it both secure and confidential.

ZenduIT collects personal information to enhance the quality of our product and service. We collect personal information mostly from inquiry forms and on-line application forms. We take your privacy very seriously and do all we can to protect it. ZenduIT promises to keep all information about our clients totally private. We have been doing business on the Web since 2009, and we have never sold our email lists, or any other client information. This means that information about your business, your career, phone numbers, email address and postal address will be kept totally confidential. Occasionally, we will use your email address to pass the ZenduIT newsletter, promotion materials, and product information (you can easily unsubscribe it by clicking a given link).

What information is collected and how is it used?

On visiting on our website, users are given the opportunity to complete a simple form, which requires basic information such as name, company name, email and phone number. There is no obligation to provide this information but it is a necessity for anyone requiring a product demo, quote, or pricing. It is quite possible to visit and browse the site anonymously but when information is provided we may use it in any of the following ways:

  1. To personalize the service in order to effectively meet the users’ needs and requirements.
  2. Use feedback provided to improve the website and overall customer service.
  3. Identify user behavior to create a better experience.
  4. Enable us to send valued customers information regarding upcoming promotions or new products.
  5. To ensure a fast and smooth transaction process.

Is collected information protected?

Protecting user information is our priority and there are a variety of security measures implemented for this purpose.


Cookies are not currently in use by zenduit.com.

Will outside parties have access to collected information?

Disclosure of user information goes against our privacy policy and we can guarantee that no trading or selling of information to third parties will ever take place. When required by law, certain user information may be disclosed to the relevant authorities.

User Consent

Through interacting with the zenduit.com website, consent to our privacy policy is automatic.

Privacy Policy Changes

If for any reason, we decide to update or make changes to our privacy policy, it will be made evident on this page. Changes can take place at any time and without notification.