Zendu Messenger

Comprehensive Fleet Communication

Communication between fleet managers and drivers is now easier than ever thanks to Zendu Messenger. Simply select a driver, type your message, and choose the device(s) on which you wish for the driver to receive the message. Messages can be sent to many platforms including SMS, GoTalk, Garmin, Geotab Drive, and the Zendu Messenger app.

Fully-Featured Messaging

Zendu Messenger has all the features you’ve come to expect from a messaging service. From file uploads, smart search, and statuses, Zendu Messenger can streamline your fleet’s communications.

A Centralized Platform

Use public channels to separate your organization into groups that anybody can join. Private channels let you create groups which only invited members can access. Message drivers and team members individually with direct messages.

Notifications Everywhere

Whether it’s through our apps or platforms like Geotab Drive, push notifications can be sent to your devices so you’re always up to date.

Easy to Use

Our intuitive and familiar interface means your drivers can get up and running with no training or setup.