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Our Partner Model

Here at ZenduIT, we focus on helping businesses optimize and streamline their fleet efficiency, productivity, and reporting by offering premium, end-to-end solutions. Our ability to build and customize solutions that meet unique needs allows us to rapidly adapt to customer and market conditions. With our partner program, our industry leading software is made more easily available so you can focus on the parts of your business that matter most.

The Customer

Our customers play an important part in our partner model as without them, our solutions would not be what they are today. Businesses who come to us allow our team to find new, innovative solutions to their unique problems. This often challenges us to think outside of the box to successfully make sure their operations are as smooth as possible.

The ZenduIT Team

The team at ZenduIT is on the forefront of the telematics industry. We’re highly skilled in software development and expansion, and put those skills to use by developing a wide range of premium telematics tools. As a data-driven group, we’re committed to continually researching, developing, and innovating in our space through analytics.

Authorized Reseller

A reseller’s primary focus is on managing relationships and expanding their customer base. This includes being the go-to resource for support and training, so knowledge of the industry is key. Resellers also relay customer needs to the team at ZenduIT so we can improve our solutions to suit their needs. Learn more about being a reseller by clicking below.
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ZenduONE Marketplace Partner

ZenduONE Marketplace partners focus on providing solutions for customers, whether it be productivity, safety, optimization, compliance, or other fleet-related tools. Our marketplace partners allow us to utilize custom third-party integrations to improve our offerings to the customer and innovate in the telematics landscape. Learn more about being a marketplace partner by clicking below.
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We will work with your team to evaluate your needs, generate possible solutions, and meet the requirements of your clients’ projects.

Solution Creation

Our Product and Customer teams will work together to create a custom solution and supply the required marketing materials that communicate how the solution is valuable.

Ongoing Success

Our Success Team will follow up with your clients to ensure they’re satisfied with their service and solution. To ensure satisfaction, we provide on-demand training, technical support, and software guidance.