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Blog | 4 min read

Case Study: How Work Order Systems Lead to Happier Customers & Staff

Have you ever reviewed a service provider online? People usually base their reviews from service quality and service quickness. However, what do people think about a service provider’s work order systems? Most people would not think about work order systems at all.
Distracted driving laws & policies
Blog | 3 min read

Distracted Driving Laws & Policies

Did you know that April was Distracted Driving Awareness month? Distracted driving laws and policies are some of the biggest fleet management topics in recent years. In this post, we will look at distracted driving laws around the world, sample distracted driving policies in fleets, and finally new anti-distracted driving technologies.
vehicle dispatch checklist
Blog | 3 min read

The Ultimate Vehicle Dispatch Checklist

Who manages the frontline between clients and drivers? Dispatchers, of course! Dispatchers are responsible for a lot of duties. Some of the biggest items on the vehicle dispatch checklist include: Managing jobs Assigning jobs to drivers Coordinating operations Following communication protocol Managing jobs One of the biggest vehicle dispatch checklist items is managing jobs.
Lone worker monitoring systems
Blog | 4 min read

Lone Worker Monitoring System Reviews

How do different lone worker monitoring systems compare with each other? Ever since lone workers existed, so have different lone worker monitoring systems. Some examples include: Buddy system.
car camera with gps event recording
Blog | 3 min read

Car Camera with GPS Event Recording System | 4 Important Events

What is one of the most important differences in new versus old camera systems? Nowadays, it’s common to find a car camera with GPS event recording system. In the early days, cameras recorded footage onto a SD card and users had to go through hours of footage on that card.


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