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Delivery Route planner
Blog | 4 min read

FAQ – Delivery Route Planners: Is the Best Route Always the Shortest Route?

Here is a quick question for delivery route planners. How do you plan the best route? First option: The best route is always going to be the shortest route. Second option: Sometimes, the best route is not the shortest route. Instead, the best route is dependant on other factors.
Are Dashcams Legal
Blog | 2 min read

Are Dashcams Legal?

Are dashcams legal? One concern for new dashcam owners is whether or not they are allowed to use their device. The short answer is that dashcams are legal in most countries. Of course, there are a few caveats.
Blog | 3 min read

The Road to Field Service Routing Software

Field service routing software is the product of many years of innovation. People, especially myself, are always interested in improving their route planning.
Cmms preventative maintenance
Blog | 3 min read

360-Degree View: CMMS Preventive Maintenance

A business starting a CMMS preventive maintenance program is almost like a family moving into a new home. It impacts everyone in the family, just like how CMMS preventive maintenance programs impact every single department in the business!
field service management kpis
Blog | 3 min read

Field Management Toolkit | Field Service Management KPIs

KPIs, or key performance indicators, guides businesses towards their goals. It’s a rather systematic approach. Common field service management KPIs are used to measure customer service, task completion, and productivity.
Blog | 3 min read

Lone Worker Management (Pt. 2) | Lone Worker Protection

Last blog, we discussed lone worker policy. In relation, lone worker protection is one of the biggest areas within lone worker management. Review - why should businesses care about lone worker protection?


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