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Email Updates
Blog | 3 min read

Driver Messaging & Worst Work Messaging Mistakes

How do dispatchers and drivers communicate? Some fleets handle driver messaging through emails or phone. Other fleets use dedicated software for driver messaging.
Fleet Management Cameras (1)
Blog | 2 min read

3 Options for Fleet Management Cameras

When people set up personal dashcams, it’s usually a quick process; people research different brands and then buy their favourite from a store. Fleet management cameras, however, are much more complex.
Bus Management Software
Blog | 3 min read

5 Bus Management Software Everyone Should Know About

Do you use public transit to get to work? (I do!) If you answered “yes”, then you are part of the public transit wave! In this post, we will discuss the public transit wave and the bus management software wave. Public Transit Wave One of the reasons for the growing bus management software industry is because public transit is also growing.
ZenduWork dispatching software
Blog | 3 min read

ZenduWork Tour | All-in-One Dispatching Software

ZenduIT is excited to share some news on ZenduWork! ZenduWork is an all-in-one dispatching software. Update on ZenduWork ZenduWork was one of ZenduIT’s biggest projects.
Geotab connect
Blog | 2 min read

GEOTAB CONNECT Wrap-up: The ZenduIT Big 3

From June 11 to 13, ZenduIT attended GEOTAB CONNECT. We featured our “Big 3” line-up, including ZenduWork, ZenduMA, and ZenduCAM.
Blog | 3 min read

ZenScore | Change Poor Driver Behaviour

How many fleets make the claim “safety is #1”? Probably every fleet! After all, it’s difficult to find a fleet or a manager that turns a blind eye to safety. In this post, we will study how to change poor driver behaviour with a safety engagement tool such as ZenScore.
Blog | 4 min read

Case Study: How Work Order Systems Lead to Happier Customers & Staff

Have you ever reviewed a service provider online? People usually base their reviews from service quality and service quickness. However, what do people think about a service provider’s work order systems? Most people would not think about work order systems at all.
Distracted driving laws & policies
Blog | 3 min read

Distracted Driving Laws & Policies

Did you know that April was Distracted Driving Awareness month? Distracted driving laws and policies are some of the biggest fleet management topics in recent years. In this post, we will look at distracted driving laws around the world, sample distracted driving policies in fleets, and finally new anti-distracted driving technologies.


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