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Internet questions
Blog | 4 min read

5 Reasons Why Your Internet Connection Speed is Slow

The biggest first world problem we face in any industry is internet connection speed. Whether it be while trying to send an email or tracking your fleets, nobody enjoys issues with their internet connection speed.
Blog | 2 min read

ZenduIT Launches Zendu Forms, a Digital Form Software

ZenduIT is pleased to launch Zendu Forms, our digital form software. In this post, we’ll discuss some benefits of using digital form software and we’ll highlight some of the key Zendu Forms functions.
Global Fleet Management
Blog | 3 min read

Why is Global Fleet Management a Big Challenge?

One of the biggest fleet career trends moving into the 2020s is global fleet management. Businesses are constantly expanding overseas and are offering tenured staff with an opportunity to manage global fleet operations.
Blog | 2 min read

5 Highlights from 2018

2018 was an exciting year for the ZenduIT team. During 2018, we saw tremendous industry growth, developed new products, and met industry partners.
App Development
Blog | 2 min read

App Development is Destroying and Creating Jobs

Over the past decade, app development is part of a technology wave that is redefining the workplace. In particular, app development is destroying and creating jobs.
Blog | 3 min read

Winning Employee Buy-In for New Fleet Ideas

The biggest barrier of winning employee buy-in is understanding and changing employee perspectives. To illustrate, consider the movie “The Karate Kid”.


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