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4g fleet cameras
Blog | 2 min read

What’s the Big Deal with 4G Fleet Cameras?

4G fleet cameras are slowly becoming the industry norm. Nonetheless, one might ask - what’s the big deal with 4G fleet cameras? Are they that different from its predecessor? Before answering that question, we’ll first discuss 3G, 4G, and LTE networks.
Successful vendor management
Blog | 3 min read

What is Successful Vendor Management?

Successful vendor management is a best practice in business management. After all, businesses need the right tools for success! What is successful vendor management? Successful vendor management means a business focuses on building a long term win-win partnership with their vendors.
Fleet Camera Systems
Blog | 3 min read

Common Customer Requests: Fleet Camera Systems

Every single product and idea goes through a process called a “Product Life Cycle”. In the fleet management world, fleet camera systems are in the Growth stage.
Manage and record time
Blog | 2 min read

Zendu Timecard: Manage and Record Time Easily!

How do I measure my employees’ work hours? Payroll administrators commonly request for an easy way to manage and record time. Managing Fleet Hours: An Ageless Challenge Managing fleet hours is not easy.
easy to use App
Blog | 2 min read

How to Make an Easy-to-Use App

Why do people use some apps over other apps? There are a lot of reasons including functionality, pricing, and customer support. However, for many people, the number one reason is having an easy-to-use app.
GIS Mapping Software
Blog | 3 min read

What is GIS Mapping Software & Who Uses Them?

If you’re in the service field, you probably heard of GIS Mapping Software. After all, some of the most well-known companies and organizations use some form of GIS Mapping Software.
Create Workforms
Blog | 2 min read

How to Create Workforms on ZenduWork

Forms are the lifeline of service businesses. In fact, did you know paper bills are the earliest forms of workforms? It’s true - humans invented paper bills to keep track of receipts, just like how service businesses create workforms to monitor their service jobs.


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