Working in the security services industries, protecting your vehicles and assets are your number one concern; knowing where each of these vehicles and assets are located in real-time 24/7 is crucial.


Every delivery your company makes needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep business running smoothly and keep your customers happy.

Construction fleet tracking


Construction companies have so many expensive assets that are crucial to the daily workflow; protect these assets and your workers to keep business running smoothly.

Cable, Telecom & IT

Automate processes, cut costs, and ensure a higher level of customer service with our software solutions for cable, telecom & IT companies.

Waste Management

We understand how important customer service is in the waste management industry; keep customers happy with a customized fleet management solution.

lawn care management

Landscape & Lawn Care

Our software will help to improve customer satisfaction & employee productivity while decreasing fuel costs to increase your bottom line.


Boost operational efficiency, increase customer service and find new streams for revenue with our custom software solutions for utility companies.

Oil & Gas

When working within the oil, gas or mining industry it is very important that you keep both your employees and equipment safe to protect both your valuable assets as well as your employees.

Public Safety

If you work in law enforcement, medical or fire services then you understand the varying needs that a GPS tracking system can provide powerful solutions for.


In today’s economy, many municipalities are facing budget cuts without sacrificing the public’s safety. Public transportation fleet managers are responsible for all of the people every day from the time they step foot on the bus.