Velocity Rail Solutions

August 24, 2021


Velocity Rail Solutions


Velocity Rail Solution is a direct-to-locomotive fueling and locomotive servicing company that serves Class 1 railroads at more than 60 locations. The Velocity team focuses on maximizing performance, efficiency and safety in their customers’ operations. They specifically provide on-site fueling and servicing operations for the railroad industry and focus on safely delivering lubricant, oil, sand and water, waste removal, daily inspections and more.



Velocity Rail has always focused on better helping their customers accurately track the services they provide, but soon found that they required help in managing fleet maintenance. Previously they used a system that was geared towards asset lifecycle and COO – which in the long run limited their ability to maintain visibility. 

While looking for a better tracking system to help them continue to provide the best service to their customers, they found that it was critical for the solution to improve visibility with little effort. Since Velocity Rail uses hundreds of pieces of equipment at their 73 locations, it was important for them to not have to rely on mechanics or vendors to provide them this information.



After reviewing various options, Velocity Rail found that ZenduIT provided the best solutions that met their current and possible future needs. By leveraging ZenduIT’s maintenance management solution, ZenduMaintenance, they found that they were able to easily streamline processes and build a better maintenance management program. This allowed them to remotely manage, monitor and be everywhere at any given moment. 

Since working with ZenduIT, Velocity Rail has been able to boost efficiency and extend the lifespan of equipment from 4-5 years up to 10 years. They also used the system to track other aspects of their business other than maintenance like meetings, due dates for items, safety inspections and administrative tasks, making it easier to manage 73 locations in 28 different states.

“In our organization we have 73 locations nationwide in 28 different states.  We manage over 400 pieces of equipment.  There’s no way to be on site to monitor everything everywhere.  Using ZenduMaintenance is the closest thing to being on site that we could possibly have.” David Bohannon, Velocity Rail Solutions