ZenduCAM: CP4 Video Recorder

All-In-One DVR

The ZenduCAM CP4 is a 1-4 camera DVR that allows for live video streaming, accident retrieval, and alerting. It provides real-time visibility and valuable insights into overall fleet performance, helping managers increase safety and savings. Custom dashboards and reports are available for managers to monitor the GPS location and driving behaviour of groups or single vehicles. With complete and extensive integration with Geotab, it’s a fleet solution that will set you apart from your competitors.

Highly Expandable Hardware

The ZenduCAM CP4 offers best-in-class features at an affordable price. With multiple sensors and an expandable design, the CP4 offers a big feature-set in a small package that won’t get in the way of your driver. The CP4 can easily be installed inside a glove compartment or purchased with a locking case to prevent unauthorized access.

4 Channels and a Screen

The CP4 can connect up to 4 cameras, allowing for a wide variety of camera setups. You can also connect an LCD monitor to act as a backup camera, blind-spot aid, or camera feed.

Connectivity Built In

Always stay connected with 3G/LTE connectivity, WiFi, an embedded GPS, and SD card storage.

Delayed Shutoff

The CP4’s delayed power shutoff feature enables recording for up to 24 hours after the ignition has been turned off.

Driver Safety

The built-in alarm input triggers allow the CP4 to communicate advanced event recording with 3rd party systems. The panic button will save video before, during, and after the event of an accident.

Software That Maximizes Safety and Convenience

With the ZenduCAM software available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, you can access your CP4’s cameras from anywhere. Our secure cloud dashboard has an up-time of 99.999% so you’ll always be up to date with live fleet metrics. View trip history, driving violations, and get access to auditing tools, in addition to the features below.

Live Video and Location

View live feeds remotely on any device using the ZenduCAM software. View the vehicle’s position in real-time thanks to the built-in GPS.

Review Violations

The CP4 will automatically record and save the footage of any driving violations you select such as speeding, harsh cornering, harsh acceleration, etc.