Compact Bluetooth Tag

The ZenGuppy is a compact, rugged Bluetooth tag perfect for low-cost monitoring of assets. The ZenGuppy integrates with other devices that support Bluetooth, or they can be used with your own Bluetooth mobile applications. The ZenGuppy works great in coordination with the ZenRemora.

Smart and Capable Hardware

The ZenGuppy runs off just 2 x AAA batteries for up to 5 years, and does not require a SIM or data plan. It can be readily attached to almost anything to provide low cost asset location. It is particularly useful for low value or smaller assets where it may not make commercial sense to attach a more robust (and expensive) device.

Waterproof and Rugged

The ZenGuppy is IP67 certified waterproof and dust resistant, as well as UV resistant. The ZenGuppy can withstand temperatures from -20°C to +60°C.

Frequent Broadcast

The ZenGuppy will transmit a beacon signal every few seconds, broadcasting: Device serial number, manufacturer code, battery voltage, transmit power, and temperature.

Range Limiting

The range between a ZenGuppy tag and Bluetooth gateway is anywhere from over 450m down to ~100m. The range can be adjusted by configuring the device’s Receiver Sensitivity and Transmit Power.

Convenient Software

With the Trax software available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, you can view asset location from anywhere. Our secure cloud dashboard has an up-time of 99.999% so you’ll always be up to date with live fleet metrics.

A Fleet Dashboard

View all live asset information as well as historical location data. Give each asset a name and icon to quickly identify them.