New Product Update Notes: March 2024

Mississauga, ON – March 28, 2024 – Welcome to our monthly product updates for March 2024, where your fleet management experience takes center stage. This month, we’re looking to walk you through some of the custom enhancements we’ve incorporated to make a simpler, more responsive, and ultimately, more user-centric system experience. Our recent enhancements aim […]

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New Product Update Notes: February 2024

Mississauga, ON – February 20, 2024 – Welcome to ZenduCAM’s monthly product updates for February 2024, where your fleet management experience takes center stage. In this month’s unveiling, we’ve tailored enhancements to seamlessly integrate into your journey, ensuring that every feature aligns with your operational needs. From a more intuitive camera system that effortlessly captures crucial […]

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The Evolution Of Dash Cam Technology: Video Footage vs. Live Streaming

Dash cams are extremely effective safety tools for commercial fleets. Generally, fleets install dash cams because they’re looking for better visibility into driving behaviour on the road. The footage generated from dash cams can be used for driver coaching, accident avoidance and, in worst case scenarios, evidence for exoneration.   Most dash cams can either […]

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How Telematics And Gamification Can Lead To A Stronger Fleet

Not too long ago, mega-retailer Amazon came under fire yet again, this time for using AI-powered cameras to keep watch over their drivers while on the job. While the cameras in and of themselves aren’t problematic, the number of false positives due to inflexible algorithms have led to nothing short of an employee revolt. In […]

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A New Mobile App That Acts As A One-Stop-Shop For Any Fleet’s Needs

What remains top of mind for most fleet managers is the need to stay connected to their drivers without micromanaging or losing valuable productivity. If you currently use ZenduIT’s products and services, you know that we listen to our clients and respond to their needs. Simply put, we take your business seriously.   In the […]

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Now Available: Trax Indoor

ZenduIT is now offering a new product which provides a quick and efficient indoor tracking solution.   Mississauga, ON – June 30, 2021 – ZenduIT, a leader in commercial telematics, has announced the release of a new indoor tracking solution, Trax Indoor, available July 1st, 2021. This indoor tracking solution is effective at tracking assets […]

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Product Update: May 2021

New apps and features are being developed to improve fleet safety and solution usability.   Mississauga, ON – May 28, 2021 – This month, ZenduIT is releasing numerous updates for Bus ETA and ZenduOne. The changes to Bus ETA will include a new mobile application as well as an updated desktop UI, while ZenduOne’s changes […]

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Real-Time Coaching: Why Fleets Need It

New technologies for carriers allow for better operations and margins for their business. So taking advantage of innovative tools and strategies is key for any fleet to remain profitable. One technology that needs to be highlighted are connected cameras and how they allow for real-time coaching strategies to be implemented. Since many carriers still only […]

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