New Product Update Notes: February 2024

February 20, 2024

Mahnoor Farooqui

New Product Update Notes: February 2024

Mississauga, ON – February 20, 2024 – Welcome to ZenduCAM’s monthly product updates for February 2024, where your fleet management experience takes center stage. In this month’s unveiling, we’ve tailored enhancements to seamlessly integrate into your journey, ensuring that every feature aligns with your operational needs. From a more intuitive camera system that effortlessly captures crucial moments to a Reseller Customer Support Hub designed for your ease of use, we’re here to complement your experience, making it simpler, more responsive, and ultimately, more yours. Our recent enhancements aim to provide you with more control and insight into your assets, all while offering a comprehensive solution seamlessly woven into your asset management journey. Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of your fleet management experience with ZenduCAM’s February 2024 enhancements.

Enhanced Camera Video Retrieval Mechanism

We hope you’re ready for our exciting updates! Kicking off, our camera functionality now features two recording modes: the high-resolution main stream for detailed footage and the lower-resolution sub stream for extended storage duration. Understanding the importance of accessibility and reliability, we’ve introduced a seamless fallback mechanism. Should you request a video and find the main stream footage unavailable, the system will automatically retrieve the footage from the sub stream, ensuring you always have access to the video you need. This update eliminates the hassle of manual SD card extraction, making it easier than ever to ensure you never miss a moment.

Streamlined Reseller Customer Support 

We are delighted to introduce the “Reseller Customer Support Hub,” a groundbreaking update designed to enhance your support experience. This innovative feature empowers administrators to tailor training and support email routing directly to specific departments, ensuring your inquiries reach the right team, right away. Experience the simplicity of our new submission process through an intuitive form, eliminating the hassle of navigating through traditional emails and portals. Our centralized system is engineered to enhance communication flow, increase responsiveness, and elevate user satisfaction, fostering stronger business relationships – click here to explore how you can implement this in your operations.

New & Improved Asset Trackers

We’re excited to announce our latest enhancements to Asset Trackers: “OBD Measurements” and “Rules Based on Engine Measurements.” Dive into the world of smarter asset management with our ZenduIoT asset trackers, now capable of capturing live engine data such as odometer readings, fuel levels, RPM, and more. This feature offers you the power to monitor live engine metrics directly, enabling informed decision-making with real-time data at your fingertips. Furthermore, our innovative update allows you to set custom rules based on these engine measurements—for instance, receive alerts when the fuel level drops below 20%. These enhancements are designed to give you unparalleled control and insight into your assets, optimizing your management process and ensuring efficiency – click here to learn more.

Asset Finance Module Unveiling

We’re delighted to launch the “Finance Module Release in Asset Tab,” a significant update designed to enhance your asset management experience. This new financial module introduces the capability for comprehensive asset lifecycle tracking. Now, users can effortlessly input and monitor intricate details such as loans, leases, and customized measurement units, ensuring a more efficient management of assets. Streamlining documentation for purchases and warranty details has never been easier, providing you with a seamless, comprehensive financial tracking solution. This update is aimed at simplifying your asset management process, enabling accurate lifecycle tracking for better decision-making and record-keeping, all while removing unnecessary complexities. Want to streamline your record-keeping? Learn more here.

New Change Release and Roadmap Widget

This dynamic new update is crafted specially to enhance user engagement and empowerment. With a design to keep you fully informed and connected, our widget features real-time changelog notifications and roadmap visibility. Stay ahead with updates on product enhancements and future developments, reinforcing transparency and trust. The integration of Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys simplifies the feedback process, ensuring that your voice is heard and contributing to ongoing product improvement. End users gain the advantage of staying current on product changes and upcoming features, coupled with the convenience of providing immediate feedback on their experience. For admin users, this widget offers flexibility with the ability to enable or disable the feature as needed – to learn more about this, click here.


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