New Product Update Notes: April 2024

March 28, 2024

Mahnoor Farooqui

New Product Update Notes: April 2024

Mississauga, ON – April 28, 2024 – Welcome to our monthly product updates for April 2024, where your fleet management experience takes center stage. This month, we’re looking to walk you through some of the custom enhancements we’ve incorporated to make a simpler, more responsive, and ultimately, more user-centric system experience. Our recent enhancements aim to provide you with more control and insight into your management and operations, all while offering a comprehensive solution seamlessly woven into your driver safety and compliance. 

Seamless Device Management

Keeping track of multiple devices in a fleet can be a logistical challenge. With ZenduCAM’s latest update, users can now import multiple devices at once using an Excel file through the Mass Device Import feature. This removes the need for manual data entry, making device management a breeze – learn more below:

Effortless Configuration Management

Configuring settings for numerous devices is now more straightforward than ever. ZenduCAM introduces the Mass Device Edit and Configuration feature, allowing users to modify settings for multiple devices simultaneously. This enhancement saves valuable time for fleet managers, enabling them to configure ZenduCAM, SurfSight, and ZenduTrackers settings efficiently from one central location – learn more below:

Elevated Safety Scoring System

Ensuring driver safety is a top priority for fleet managers. ZenduCAM’s Safety Page has undergone significant updates to refine its scoring mechanism:

  • Fine-tuned Event Weights: We’ve adjusted the weights assigned to different event types, such as AI detection, general incidents, and instances of speeding. This ensures a more accurate evaluation of driving behavior by reflecting the varying degrees of risk associated with each event type.
  • Introduction of Rate-Based Scoring: Our new rate-based scoring system evaluates safety performance based on the frequency at which drivers trigger events. This means that drivers with a higher rate of events per event type will receive more significant demerits, providing a more nuanced assessment of their driving behavior.

Check out our video below to find out more:

Enhanced Customer Support Experience

Responsive customer support is essential for maintaining fleet operations smoothly. With ZenduIoT’s latest update, customers can now submit support inquiries directly through the platform with ease. This streamlined process saves time and reduces frustration for both customers and fleet managers.

As a reseller, you can leverage ZenduIoT’s preset forms and centralized Customer Management Tab to efficiently handle customer inquiries and route emails to the appropriate departments. This ensures that customer support is prompt, effective, and enhances overall satisfaction with your services – learn more below:

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