Telematics: Exploring the Latest Trends and Innovations

Have you ever wondered how your car knows the quickest route or can call for help in an emergency? That’s telematics at work. This sophisticated technology merges telecommunications and informatics to enhance vehicle functionalities and their operational systems.  By gathering and transmitting vehicle data, telematics enables real-time tracking, automated emergency responses, and remote diagnostics, making […]

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Get Ahead With Asset Management In 2022

With the new year comes opportunities and greater possibilities; ZenduIT has a new roster of best-in-show expert asset management solutions that will let you operate efficiently while positively impacting your bottom line.

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Now Available: Trax Indoor

ZenduIT is now offering a new product which provides a quick and efficient indoor tracking solution.   Mississauga, ON – June 30, 2021 – ZenduIT, a leader in commercial telematics, has announced the release of a new indoor tracking solution, Trax Indoor, available July 1st, 2021. This indoor tracking solution is effective at tracking assets […]

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Have A Construction Site? Here’s Why You Need Asset Tracking

Employing asset tracking solutions for your construction business allows you to access and assess critical performance data of your assets in real-time, whether you’re on-site or not. When you can collect and access data, you’re able to maximize the utilization of assets that are essential for the daily operations across your sites and operations   […]

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Asset Trackers – What Fleets Should Consider For Asset Management

What Asset Trackers Fleets Should Be Considering   Fleets are evolving with the growing demands of the world economy. To meet demands, fleets primarily approach telematics to improve their performance in efficiency, safety, and maintenance management. In telematics, asset trackers play a big role because they provide data, and that gives fleets more control over […]

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All-In-One Solutions Are At The Core Of Cost-Saving Strategies

Saving money is on every business’ docket this year. Resellers need to work harder to ensure they provide clients the best solution, at the best price to provide the best return. To help resellers achieve this, it’s critical that cost-saving strategies are employed by leveraging all-in-one-solutions.   The New Cost-Saving Strategy For Fleets To Implement  […]

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New Product: ZenduWork

ZenduWork is a ZenduIT-made dispatching solution that allows fleets in any industry to streamline efforts, improve work order processes, optimize dispatched routes and more. This solution is available via desktop and mobile devices.  Mississauga, ON – July 28, 2020 – ZenduIT, a leader in value added telematics solutions and integrations has announced the release of […]

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