3 Asset Trackers To Consider When Trying To Prevent Fleet Risks

March 8, 2021


3 Asset Trackers To Consider When Trying To Prevent Fleet Risks

The purpose of technology is to solve needs, especially if they pose risks to people and businesses. The same applies to fleets, who face several types of risks every day. However with telematics, the type of technology designed to improve fleet performance, is developing new ways for fleets to lower various risks that could prove fatal to the fleet’s success. 


General Asset Tracker Use


When discussing telematics, asset trackers play a big part in most fleets as they help fleets collect more data to make better use of their resources. However, asset trackers could be used for a slightly different purpose that would raise the safety of assets, the goods inside and the drivers.


Broadening The Use Of Asset Trackers


One may think fleet management is as simple as assigning tasks to drivers. Unfortunately, it is quite complicated as fleets have to deal with theft, proper care of goods and checking up on driver behavior. 


Three Common Risks That Fleets Can Prevent With Asset Trackers


Several asset trackers are available within ZenduIT’s Trax platform, so it’s important to be aware of the specific features and benefits of trackers and the scenarios each will benefit in the most. As we will discuss below, these are the 3 major risks that every fleet faces. On the bright side, there are telematic solutions for each of these risks to help your fleet overcome these challenges.


Theft – A Common Risk Amongst Fleets


A common risk in fleets, is the risk of theft. Unfortunately with fleets, asset vary and be quite valuable so losing its location could place companies at great financial risks. Furthermore, with an unexpected event of theft, the whole schedule is put on delay and the goods stored in the asset would be lost as well.


The ZenRemora – A General Asset Monitoring Solution


Such casualties can be prevented with asset trackers in place, like the ZenRemora. The ZenRemora, a GPS device designed for tracking non-powered assets where super-long battery life is required. The tracker does not sacrifice the frequency of updates and accuracy performance. For this reason, it’s the perfect solution for dealing with theft.


For example, if theft was to occur, the fleet would still be aware of the asset location nonstop. It can run for 5 years while transmitting one ping an hour, so it can be tracked down and returned. Furthermore, the tamper detection system can alert you if the ZenRemora is removed from the asset. This will reduce the side effects of theft occurring as it will be much easier to retrieve the stolen assets.


Theft is a common concern for fleet operators. Industries must continue to address their attention to this concern, especially if they deal with expensive and valuable assets. Therefore, having a solution in place to reduce the risks is crucial.


Wasted Resources – Reducing Spoiled Goods And Excess Utilization Of Resources


Several industries work with goods that must be stored in specific conditions, including a specific temperature range. If the environment where the goods are located is not taken into consideration, more often than not, the goods will not be able to be used. Whether it’s food products or medical goods, the financial stress can impact the management process greatly.  

ZenFalcon – Keeping Temperature In Check


Ensuring that temperature and other factors remain under check, implementing a solution such as the ZenFalcon should be considered. What differentiates the ZenFalcon from other trackers is its ability to measure the temperature, moisture and humidity of its immediate location.


This would be beneficial for industries that focus on the transportation of food, drugs or other temperature-sensitive cargo. By monitoring the environmental conditions consistently, it can alert users if temperatures exceed or fall below certain points. Fleets will no longer have to be concerned about having their resources wasted because of improper storage conditions as they can quickly address changing environmental factors.


Improper Use Of Resources – Unpredictable Driver Behavior


Businesses suffer financially from excessive use of resources as well. Drivers who take advantage of unmonitored activities do not operate efficiently, increasing idling time and maintenance problems in the long run. Furthermore, it’s more problematic when aggressive, impaired and distracted driving takes place. 


Poor driver behavior such as harsh braking, speeding and accelerating will lead to maintenance problems in the future and potential accidents. The same applies when the driver is impaired because of drugs, drinking or fatigue. Fleets must ensure drivers are doing their work properly and this can be made possible with asset trackers in place. 


Asset Trackers For Live Tracking


With the implementation of asset trackers, fleets can see how smoothly the asset is moving and whether there is harsh braking, accelerating or speeding on a consistent basis. This allows fleets to be aware of their driver’s actions and lets them know if their drivers require further training and guidance to improve their safety on the road and prevent these activities from occurring. 


This can be done by most asset trackers that have the functionality of live tracking and gives fleets in depth knowledge on any improper driving events taking place during the whole trip. In the scenario where a driver is making mistakes, fleets can implement training solutions such as ZenduLearn that the solution can help drivers realize their mistakes and the possible consequences it can lead to. This will increase safety standards in fleets which will benefit both the fleet and the general public. 


Telematics has solved many needs for fleets and continues to do so. This includes preventing risks to fleets, such as theft spoiled goods/assets and bad driving behavior. When discussing fleet risk prevention, asset trackers make this a possibility with their ability to track various variables that would be otherwise hard to measure. Although there are several asset trackers available, every fleet has their own needs and requirements, and it can be challenging. To learn more about the asset trackers provided by ZenduIT, contact us today.