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Why Dashcams Should Be On Your Wish List For 2020

December 16, 2019

With technology advancing, dashcams have become a popular topic of discussion for obvious reasons. Not only are dashcams praised for offering vehicle owners proof of their driving habits, but they offer reassurance as drivers can obtain untampered footage of their vehicle on the road. 


Why Commercial Dashcams Are Growing In Popularity  

There are numerous benefits to implementing commercial dashcams within fleets. As many can assume, businesses are seeing success with utilizing these devices to both protect and optimize their fleet. However, it’s worth highlighting exactly how this technology is allowing for more reliability, safer driving, and better tracking when commercial transportation fleets implement them. 


Increased Reliability 

Dashcams are praised for being tamper-proof despite their easy installation. Meaning, even though the device only takes moments to install, it is still extremely reliable as a reference in relation to a driving incident. No longer will incident reports rely solely on someones recollection of events, but rather, video playback will be used as it shows exactly what happened. As one can imagine, this has been known to protect many businesses. Fleet managers simply retrieve the footage from their cloud service as the dashcam records not only the behaviour of the driver within the cabin, but the road as well.


zenducam desktop


In fact, this concept of increased reliability can sometimes translate into better insurance coverage and decreased premiums as there is an extra layer of accountability. Meaning, if a vehicle with a dashcam installed is involved in an accident, the device will record what happened leading up to the accident. Allowing for insurance companies to make proper decisions based on the video they are provided. 


Some insurance companies have even been known to apply discounts to coverage. 


Safer Behaviour 

As previously mentioned, dashcams are designed and installed to record everything around them. For many commercial vehicle drivers, this results in safer driving habits. Since many cameras offer views of both the cabin and the road, mass amounts of footage is collected. Allowing for fleet managers to see whether a driver is distracted or driving aggressively. In fact, depending on the device, some fleet managers are able to be notified of distracted driving through facial recognition software. 


Better Tracking 

For many fleet managers, the feature of connectivity is highlighted for the dashcams they use. With advancing technology, many cameras allow for video footage to be automatically transmitted and stored via satellite or cellular coverage in the cloud. 


In addition, dashcams that are more focused on integration and innovation hold advanced connectivity features. Allowing additional data (such as GPS location, AI driver assistance and cloud management) to be synced with third party application and solutions. Resulting in managers being better equipped to properly manage their fleets.


How You Can See These Benefits With ZenduCAM Z6 

zenducam z6 benefits

When it comes to dashcams, your fleet needs to use the right tools to ensure productivity, efficiency and financial growth. When it comes to using a camera that embodies connectivity, reliability and management, ZenduCAM Z6 has it all. ZenduCAM Z6 is highlighted as being able to not only capture footage, but provide better management solutions and integration features as its core design surrounds AI technology. 


If you’re interested in learning more about how the ZenduCAM Z6 can push your business forward, contact us today! 

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