Smart Solutions Keeping Fleets Safe

February 10, 2020


Smart Solutions Keeping Fleets Safe

Fleet drivers must always act responsibly when they’re on the clock. Not only are they required to efficiently complete assigned deliveries, but they must abide by driving regulations and maintain safety on the road. Overlooking the concern for safety can not only pose a risk to themselves as drivers but other vehicles. Luckily, technology is continuing to advance to allow safety to thrive. One example of this is how smart solutions like the ZenduCAM Z6 are keeping fleets safe by using innovative advancements. 

Visual Distractions: Texting and Driving 


Using cellular devices while driving is an ongoing concern. Even though there is a public agreement to not use devices while operating a vehicle, sometimes, drivers still reach for their phones. As the National Safety Council reported that cellphones played a role in 27% of car accidents, fleet managers should do everything they can to limit the desire to use one while driving. In fact, similar to driving laws within provinces such as Ontario where device use is prohibited, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prohibits the use of cellular devices while operating a motor vehicle for CMV (commercial motor vehicle) drivers. As one can assume, this is because phones can take a drivers attention away from the road. In fact, texting and driving, or other device use has been noted to lead drivers to be 23.3 times more likely to be involved in a safety-critical event such as a crash, near-crash or unintentional lane deviation. 

While it has been hard for fleet managers to measure how safe their drivers were in the past, now there are tools available to monitor how safe a driver is. Specifically, new innovative in-cab facing dash cameras have evolved to utilize facial recognition to know when a driver is acting in an unsafe manner. For example, reaching for or using a mobile device. In fact, whether it’s texting, calling or app usage, these solutions can even notify managers in real-time of such prohibited events.


Cognitive Distractions: Drowsy Driving  

Fatigued driving is extremely dangerous and many account it to be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. In fact, it’s estimated that driving tired leads to approximately 100,000 car accidents a year in the United States. As drowsiness can slow reaction times, reduce concentration and account for errors calculating speed or judging distance, it can be extremely dangerous for drivers who are responsible for moving large vehicles or loads. 

Luckily, there are dash cameras that focus on keeping fleets safe as they use advanced facial recognition features to watch in-cab for driver fatigue. Specifically symptoms such as yawning or closing eyelids (even with sunglasses on!). These tools monitor when drivers appear tired and make audio notifications to alert the driver. Some can even be programmed to notify fleet managers when drivers appear tired so they can make communication and encourage the driver to stop and rest. 

Manual Distractions: In-Cab Disruptions 

While drivers are operating vehicles, it’s critical for all of their attention to be on the road. Without 100% of their attention, they risk being involved in an accident. As over 70% of driving incidents that involve large trucks occur because the driver of the truck was not 100% focused on driving, fleets can’t risk the repercussions of distracted driving. Some common manual distractions to note in addition to the use of cellular devices are; reaching for objects, playing with controls, eating, drinking or even smoking while the vehicle is in operation. 

With this being said, there is technology available to help keep the attention of drivers on the road. Similar to the tools mentioned previously that monitor driver actions, programs can be utilized to watch for when two hands are not on the wheel, or for when the drivers face is turned looking at something for too long. This would notify fleet managers and drivers when they are rummaging through a center console for too long or even if they begin to daydream while looking at the passing scenery. 

Keeping Fleets Safe With The Z6 

Safety is key when it comes to operating a commercial motor vehicle. That’s why it’s critical for fleet managers to implement the best and most innovative tools to ensure driving success. Telematics solutions such as the ZenduCAM Z6 smart dash camera is only one solution to highlight when it comes to keeping fleets safe as it can reduce all of the above risks by using facial recognition. If you’re interested in learning more about how this smart dashcam can help reduce visual, manual and cognitive distractions, contact us today!