How to Drive Down Fleet Insurance with Telematics

Fleet insurance premiums are among the biggest expenditures trucking companies have to account for in their operations, sometimes totaling as much as $10,000.

The good news is that data-rich telematics can help your fleet find insurance rates that are transparent, equitable, and might even save your organization money in the short and long-term.

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How Insurance Companies Can — And Should — Use Telematics Data

For many insurance providers, dash cam telematics are becoming helpful at providing more data about a commercial fleet and its operations. These data sets can be especially useful during the claims process as well as determining coverage options. Since all of the data and video footage is recorded and stored on a cloud-based platform, it […]

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How Commercial Dash Cams Can (And Can’t) Affect Your Insurance

Here’s the bad news: Simply having dash cams in your fleet won’t save you money on insurance premiums. Not directly, anyways. While no insurance companies currently offer a specific dash cam discount, having them in your fleet can positively affect your premium, which in turn helps keep your rates down.    As we’ve discussed in […]

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Using The Power Of Telematics To Coach Drivers And Achieve Better Outcomes

Telematics tells you what your drivers are doing right — a far cry from the perception that fleet dash cams are simply “Big Brother” taking drivers to task over every perceived infraction. By coaching your fleet, you reinforce positive behaviors, which leads to greater road safety, adherence to corporate policy and greater retention.   All […]

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Telematics And Insurance: What’s The Relationship

Technology continues to advance at impressive rates which means more industries are finding innovative ways to use it. Currently, technology has advanced to allow for the creation of telematics – an information telecommunication technology that is growing in popularity in the vehicle sector. Even though telematics is more widely known for its use with vehicles […]

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Why Dashcams Should Be On Your Wish List For 2020

With technology advancing, dashcams have become a popular topic of discussion for obvious reasons. Not only are dashcams praised for offering vehicle owners proof of their driving habits, but they offer reassurance as drivers can obtain untampered footage of their vehicle on the road.    Why Commercial Dashcams Are Growing In Popularity   There are numerous […]

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Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems: What It Means For Businesses

Typically, when businesses are provided with large amounts of information, they are able to better manage their organization and as a result, increase profits. With advancing technology many are currently experiencing how new innovations that provide them with more information can move company growth forward. One innovation that is worth highlighting is GIS technology, or […]

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