Guide to In-Cabin Dash Cams

In-cabin dash cameras provide essential data so that fleets can reduce costs and improve their overall operations. They can provide an extra layer of safety and security for both drivers and passengers, by recording any incidents that may occur inside the vehicle, such as accidents, theft, or dangerous behavior.

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Leveraging the Benefits of Dash Cams

Current dash cams increase cost savings and time efficiency, reduce wear and tear on vehicles, reduce fuel usage and improve overall road safety. The benefits of dash cams consistently lead to fewer road incidents, fewer liability claims and far more protection for drivers.

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AI Dash Cams

What Events Trigger AI Dash Cams To Record?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that 87% of all traffic accidents are preventable. AI and predictive analysis provide fleet managers with better insights into events on the road and how their drivers respond to them.

When fleet managers use these data sets to understand why and how accidents occur, they can better enhance – and enforce – safety protocols and compliance.

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How Telematics And Gamification Can Lead To A Stronger Fleet

Not too long ago, mega-retailer Amazon came under fire yet again, this time for using AI-powered cameras to keep watch over their drivers while on the job. While the cameras in and of themselves aren’t problematic, the number of false positives due to inflexible algorithms have led to nothing short of an employee revolt. In […]

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Have A Construction Site? Here’s Why You Need Asset Tracking

Employing asset tracking solutions for your construction business allows you to access and assess critical performance data of your assets in real-time, whether you’re on-site or not. When you can collect and access data, you’re able to maximize the utilization of assets that are essential for the daily operations across your sites and operations   […]

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The Next Big Thing: How Telematics Solutions Will Empower Future Smart Cities

Smart cities combine the power of data and digital technologies to improve our quality of living and help us make better decisions. More specifically they put IoT (Internet of things) sensors and embedded technologies to work and collect data and information to help businesses and municipalities better manage fleet operations, improve fleet safety, and increase […]

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Part 1: Understanding The True Benefits Of Fleet Cameras

The implementation of camera solutions within fleets is gaining momentum as there are countless benefits associated with them. However even with new popularity, industry leaders within the telematics sector continue to notice gaps in the knowledge that fleet managers have regarding the devices.    Within this two part-series, we will discuss what many industry leaders […]

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Could Smart Wearable Technology Impact The Future Of The Trucking Industry?

Technology has advanced to the point where consumers have normalized wearing it to allow for a more connected life. While smart wearable technology has been widely accepted in industries like healthcare and fitness, its drastic advancements are allowing for more widespread adoption to happen. Specifically, this speaks to industry leaders anticipating how with the right […]

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Smart Solutions Keeping Fleets Safe

Fleet drivers must always act responsibly when they’re on the clock. Not only are they required to efficiently complete assigned deliveries, but they must abide by driving regulations and maintain safety on the road. Overlooking the concern for safety can not only pose a risk to themselves as drivers but other vehicles. Luckily, technology is […]

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