AI Dash Cams

What Events Trigger AI Dash Cams To Record?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that 87% of all traffic accidents are preventable. AI and predictive analysis provide fleet managers with better insights into events on the road and how their drivers respond to them.

When fleet managers use these data sets to understand why and how accidents occur, they can better enhance – and enforce – safety protocols and compliance.

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The Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence in Telematics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer across nearly every industry. In particular, AI has allowed commercial fleets to overcome hurdles pertaining to workflow, operational efficiency and effective fleet management. When paired with telematics, AI plays a critical role in enhancing software to operate more intuitively and take fleet management to the next level. In […]

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IoT and AI in Fleet Management

How AI and IoT are Transforming Fleet Management

Over the past few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have rapidly expanded into a number of industries, rapidly revolutionizing them in the process. From healthcare to commercial fleets, there aren’t many businesses that haven’t been positively impacted by these innovations.

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The Evolution Of Dash Cam Technology: Video Footage vs. Live Streaming

Dash cams are extremely effective safety tools for commercial fleets. Generally, fleets install dash cams because they’re looking for better visibility into driving behaviour on the road. The footage generated from dash cams can be used for driver coaching, accident avoidance and, in worst case scenarios, evidence for exoneration.   Most dash cams can either […]

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AI And The Human Component: Why Amazon Got It Wrong

It seems as though Amazon is in hot water yet again. Earlier this month, we wrote about Amazon’s requirement of its drivers to sign a biometric consent form in compliance with newly-installed AI dash cameras. Drivers were told to consent or risk losing their jobs.   Amazon claims it’s trying to keep its drivers safe. […]

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Product Update: March 2021

New products and features are being developed to improve user experience.   Mississauga, ON – March 29, 2021 – This month, ZenduIT is releasing numerous updates for its products. The ZenduCAM/Trax platform will be receiving changes including Facial AI, UI refresh, and other features to improve efficiency. Along with that, we will be launching the […]

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Telematics Are Critical For First Responders As Emergencies Are Quickly Evolving

It goes without saying that emergencies will continue to happen, and first responders will need to evolve to meet new response needs or challenges. With the rise in population and urbanization, imperfect technologies and changes in weather from climate change first responders must review how telematics technologies can help.   How a Rise in Population […]

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