Product Update: January 2021

January 29, 2021

The Product Team

Product Update: January 2021

New products and features are being developed to improve user experience and provide more options for smaller fleets.


Mississauga, ON – Friday, January 29, 2021 – ZenduIT, a leader in commercial telematics has announced the release of a new vehicle tracking solution, in addition to developing new features for existing applications. The new device is a low-cost alternative for small-medium fleets to track their vehicles and manage their systems. The new application features are developed to increase convenience and user experience.


Product Launch

Coming Soon: ZenduTracker Z1, A Low-Cost Tracking Solution

Vehicle tracking systems are widely used for fleets, but if costs are a concern for you, Zenduit has the right product available. Soon ZenduTracker Z1, a low-cost tracking solution for fleets will be hosted on Zenduit’s Trax platform that allows users to keep track of their fleet’s trips, drivers, and incidents. This solution will benefit businesses by providing insightful data about vehicle performance and health.

There are two plans, a base plan and an advanced plan. The base plan as well as an advanced plan available.

Users can monitor their vehicles on both web and mobile platforms by accessing Trax or Zenducam on mobile after a simple installation.


View trip details on a map.

See specific data on vehicle speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering rule violations, and much more.

To learn more read out product release notes about ZenduTracker Z1.


Product Update



On top of the current features of ZenduCAM, Zenduit has implemented even more software features for the product to further assist fleet managers.


Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration, and Harsh Cornering Rules In Trax


Harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and harsh cornering rules are available now on Trax, the online platform.


View the exact location and vehicle that violated the harsh braking, harsh acceleration or harsh cornering rules on a map.

The new detections allow fleet managers to better evaluate driver performance and train accordingly to reduce accidents.


Dismiss Existing Tags


At the end of January, users will be able to dismiss tagged events whenever they wish. Tagged events that are dismissed later will have their points updated and the driver score changed accordingly.

Trax Admin Customer UI


At the end of January, customers with Geotab enabled will be able to login to Geotab conveniently through a newly placed button and add add-ins.


Login to Geotab and install add-ins by clicking the buttons as shown below.

Livestream UI Updates


By the end of January, users will be able to easily modify the livestream display settings within ZenduCAM. 


Users can edit the saturation, brightness, and contrast of the footage captured to their own preference.

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