Why Keyless Sharing Should Be on Every Fleet’s Radar

January 25, 2021


Why Keyless Sharing Should Be on Every Fleet’s Radar

The global pandemic has severely affected the economy and businesses, including fleets who are still being encouraged to take precautions and reduce social interactions. When it comes to fleets and carsharing, keyless entry via IOX solutions can make it possible for fleet drivers and managers to remain distant. While ‘transferring keys’ between drivers to prevent virus exposure is only one example of how beneficial keyless sharing solutions are, below we dive deeper into the technology.


Digitalize and Simplify Key Exchange  


Keyless entry will be critical for fleets seeking to improve their cost and operational structures in addition to making the driving experience of drivers more convenient. It will also allow managers to no longer need keys and vehicle ownerships.


Keyless entry via telematics solutions will resolve the pain of receiving and returning keys along with keeping them maintained and secure. As smartphones will act as digitized keys, drivers can easily and quickly have access to assigned vehicles with the ability to lock, unlock and operate the vehicle. 


What Fleets Can Use Keyless Entry 


Keyless entry solutions can be useful for various fleets. If utilized, fleets dealing with carsharing will notice a new simplified process where managers are able to easily control the access for drivers via connected solutions and mobile devices rather than dealing with physical keys. 


With smartphones giving drivers full control, smaller sized fleets focused on local delivery, passenger transportation, utilities support, local government fleets like first responders, street sweepers, snow plows and more are seeing the benefits. This is primarily because drivers can easily and almost immediately gain access and return cars in various locations without have to return the physical key.


How Should Fleets Use This Technology to Their Advantage? 


Typically, there are four main advantages that fleets in various sectors can start to notice after using keyless sharing solutions in fleets


  • Managers have full control of each asset independent of the location, therefore assets aren’t completely dependent on their drivers. As a result, drivers no longer need to take ownership of their assets eliminating the paperwork and workload.
  • Drivers taking on the wrong tasks and managers making errors due to disorganization will be prevented. With a keyless entry solution in use, managers will be easily able to grant and change access to vehicles as the ability is done over-the-air via smartphones.
  • Additional driving to get assets to a location for their safety won’t be required with additional add-ons as both drivers and managers will have the ability to immobilize the asset. When immobilized, the asset will not operate without the right driver’s tag getting scanned.
  • Fuel costs and hours of service will be reduced while the risk of theft is reduced.
  • Keyless entry will also reduce issues like misplaced keys that result in unnecessary downtime and possible additional costs of obtaining new keys.


Preparing for The Future: Properly Training Your Workforce 


When thinking about carsharing, fleets should have a closer look at each of its drivers since multiple drivers will have access to one asset. Ensuring safe driving habits is critical to not only maintain the upkeep of company vehicles, but to also make sure that drivers know how to handle any and all situations that may arise when using keyless solutions. 


In times such as the current pandemic, online training platforms like ZenduLearn are critical as it can simplify the training and learning process of new solutions while monitoring how each driver is performing. By customizing training courses, managers can make sure every driver is ready and knowledgeable of how to remain safe on the road in addition to knowing how to properly leverage the new keyless solution. Ensuring the widespread understanding of new and even old company policies as well as tools is critical if the implementation of a new solution is to be successful. 


We strive to build and deploy solutions for fleets of any size to improve their efficiency and safety, and keyless entry solutions is something any fleet can leverage. To learn more about the solutions fleets should watch for and how to prepare for it, contact us today.