The Benefits of GPS Tracking for Business Vehicles

We will uncover how this technology not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a safer work environment, improves customer service, and ultimately maximizes profitability. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to optimize your delivery routes or a fleet manager seeking to improve overall operational efficiency, the benefits of GPS tracking are waiting to be discovered.

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Product Update: January 2021

New products and features are being developed to improve user experience and provide more options for smaller fleets.   Mississauga, ON – Friday, January 29, 2021 – ZenduIT, a leader in commercial telematics has announced the release of a new vehicle tracking solution, in addition to developing new features for existing applications. The new device […]

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ZenduMaintenance Is Now Available On Two Powerful Marketplaces

ZenduMaintenance is now available on two powerful marketplaces to better help unique businesses improve the management of their fleet.   Mississauga, ON – August 21, 2020 – ZenduIT, a leader in value added telematics solutions and integrations has announced the availability of ZenduMaintenance on the KeepTruckin App Marketplace as well as on the Geotab Marketplace. […]

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Keeping First Responders and Roadway Operators Safe With R2V Communication

During a time when distracted driving is at an all-time high, the need for the safe and quick arrival of first responders is critical. However, with so many vehicles on the road, emergency responders and roadway operators are at constant risk of being struck or involved in collisions. Not only can gridlock stop responders from […]

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Introducing ZenduONE: Your Next Solutions Marketplace

In the past, businesses have found that they see great success when all of their applications and software solutions are organized within one platform. This is the same for those who rely on using IoT telematics tools to not only remain compliant to current regulations, but rely on it to streamline operations and stay productive. […]

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How Telematics Can Help Save Your Bottom Line

When it comes to running a business, it’s critical that you are continuously working to improve your bottom line. For many within the transportation sector, knowing exactly where you could be losing money or how you could be running your business smarter isn’t always clear. That’s why it’s important to highlight how new technologies and […]

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