The ZenduIT Way Of Connecting With You

December 3, 2020


The ZenduIT Way Of Connecting With You

Unique Solutions, Everywhere You Go

You deserve a solution as unique as your business. Every ZenduIT product and service is positioned to bring out the best of technologies to curate a tailored solution that addresses your core needs and every challenge you face. At ZenduIT, we have a profound mission of building scalable and useful mobile and web telematics solutions to enrich and simplify your workflow from day one. Add our bold strategies, brilliant solutions, expansive third-party marketplaces and leading customer services, and you have the ultimate tool in hand to tackle any fleet management challenge. Based in Canada and the United States, our talented teams work around the clock to work with you closely to turn your ideas into reality. Our highly skilled software consultants and industry-leading customer support team are committed to providing heartfelt service in every link of the partnership, and our work will not stop until you see a giant leap in fleet operational efficiency and productivity. 

Differences You Can See

We do things differently, from the bottom up. We believe the key to a complete telematics solution is all about integration and simplification. Fleet managers have told us repeatedly that they are frustrated and struggling with the complexity and inconveniences of simultaneously managing multiple fleet management software platforms. They want one unified telematics solution that can handle almost everything related to the fleet including asset tracking, fleet monitoring, assessing vehicle health, checking drivers’ performance and reviewing maintenance progress. Collaborating with our industry partners, we delivered the promise of building one expandable and highly customizable platform that integrates everything but also maintains the same functionality as the old model. What this means for the fleet managers is that they will still be able to enjoy all the features they are familiar with, but with much higher efficiency and conveniences. 

We approach fleet management software development from unique standpoints and adopt a solution-based approach to help our clients maximize their productivity and profitability. Our unique service is comprised of three important branches, and we will show you how each of them plays a pivotal role in creating the ultimate solution package for our clients. 

Industry-Specific Consultation

Before we start working on a solution, there is nothing more important than to first clearly and accurately identify what our customers are looking for. Because each of our solutions are tailored and personalized for specific customers, we work closely with clients from the very beginning. Every stage, from the design to the development to the testing and implementation stage, we want to offer a radically transparent process where our customers can see every step of what we are doing and make recommendations and adjustments anytime they wish. 

The personalized experience starts from the consultation, where our consultants will listen to what our clients have to say about pain points and issues they encounter daily. Our team will then draft a solution proposal that includes targeted software features and solutions based on what our clients have told us. For example, when we hear that fleets face difficulties in tracking drivers’ driving behaviours and performance during operations or concerning levels of aggressive driving behaviours among drivers, our ZenScore driver scoring system would be highlighted to be a perfect tool to help identify dangerous driving habits and optimize the efficiency of the fleet. Among our 27 solutions and more than 100 applications, we are confident that we can find the right solution for every fleet. 

It’s important for fleets to be in control of the solutions they use. That’s why our leading customer support team will provide frequent and timely updates of the development progress throughout the product development stage and notify you once the final product is ready. You will have the chance to test out the product yourself thoroughly, and we will offer training sessions to guide you through the software installation and implementation stages. We also have a comprehensive support database comprising of product manuals, support articles and training videos to help you get familiar with our products. You can also find many answers to basic product questions from support pages, or you can discuss them with our team. We are committed to building and maintaining long-term partnerships, and we believe that providing exceptional service is the only path going forward to keep our promise and give you assurance to the future. 

Expansive Software Development

Integration is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that hardware and software shall be designed to serve each other rather than functioning as independent components. Our talented team devotes extensive time and resources to close the gap between hardware and software by delivering extraordinary products that don’t compromise on either side. Additionally, we also create, design, build and maintain custom solutions that can be run on any device at any scale. 

The flexibility and expandability of our products enable us to serve customers coming from any industry and satisfy some of the most stringent of customers’ standards. For example, high-precision cold chain transportation requires a high level of compliance, commodities monitoring and temperature tracking to protect the cold chain’s integrity. Any temperature breach or non-compliance could result in receivers rejecting an entire load of shipment. Our ecosystem provides a 360-degree end-to-end solution to protect valuable and temperature-sensitive commodities throughout the whole supply chain. Our hardware products such as temperature monitoring smart asset tracking device and HD live streaming vehicle camera help track the trailer’s temperature, humidity and any trailers’ door opening and closing activities. Simultaneously, all the data collected from the hardware pieces will be wirelessly transferred and displayed on our industry-leading software dashboard, where fleet managers can access real-time critical data on the desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The system can document all the temperature measurements conducted during the trip and generate a temperature report that helps fleet managers to prove that proper transportation conditions are met during the trip. 

A seamless integration between hardware and software truly lets technology fade into the background and invites fleet managers to focus on what actually matters. It’s our commitment to deliver worry-free products so that you can fully concentrate on the operations, not spending unnecessary time figuring out how the technology works. 

Marketplace and Integration Access

We believe technology should adapt to your workflow. That’s why we offer you access to a wide range of business-focused applications and add-ons in our software to give you even more choice on how you want to customize your software. Some of the most popular third-party management systems such as SAP, PFW, Zoho CRM and SalesForce can all be seamlessly integrated with our platform. We also offer full support with the ESRI/ArcGIS platform, which allows you to easily interact with GIS elements and routes right in our custom map tool. By giving you broad access to a wide range of third-party products and applications, we think you can take your ideas to the next level and explore even further what you can do with our solutions. 

Guiding Philosophy

In the past decade, we have been dedicated to developing innovative fleet management and field service solutions that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives and businesses’ operations. Our core philosophy has guided us to embrace every challenge and adopt cutting-edge technologies to tackle future problems.

Strive for Innovation

Innovation is what drives us forward. We always focus on and will continue to focus on adopting the latest and best mature technologies to enhance our products and services. As we continue making progress in the artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics and connectivity fields, we are incorporating these ground breaking technologies into our premier IoT (Internet of things) solutions. Every new technology enables us to make our products smarter, more useful and more capable of fitting your workflow and help you save money and increase productivity. 

The Desire To Stay Human

We are committed to forging meaningful ties with our customers. We want to add some human warmth to the technology world and provide our heartfelt care whenever you need it. Our industry-leading support team offers best in class customer service that puts you at the forefront. Whenever you need help, we are always here to provide timely support to resolve the issues and get your vehicles back on the roads as soon as possible. During the system installation and implementation stage, we provide step-by-step guidance to help you quickly set up the new system and have everything ready to go. 

Everything we do is about making your workflow simpler and eliminating stress from your business. 

Going Greener

Our goal is to create a paperless workflow for every workplace. By digitalizing the entire fleet tracking and management process, we can eliminate the use of paper forms or paper logs. All data is securely stored in the cloud database and can be retrieved and reviewed by fleet managers at anytime. 

We are also committed to providing full support and system optimization to electric vehicle fleets. As increasing numbers of businesses are transitioning to an electric vehicle fleet, we are ready to leverage our field expertise to create the best possible electric vehicle management experience. Our software and applications can be tailored and optimized to track and monitor crucial electric vehicles’ metrics and performance. We could not be more excited to get on board this ambitious journey of helping businesses cut down vehicle emissions and reduce environmental footprints. 

Embracing Change

The pandemic is undoubtedly a turbulent period for every business sector, but we are here to help. We are changing and adapting to the “new normal” just as your businesses are. We are closely monitoring the most current industry trends and adjusting our products and services to cope with your core needs. As we see a rise in specialized freight transportation activities, we are devoting significant effort and resources to optimize and upgrade our precision tracking technologies to provide full protection for commodities. We know that changes can be challenging for businesses, but our tools can help you turn massive challenges into new growth opportunities. When you place full confidence in us, we will prepare you for the future. 

Interested in learning more about our offerings or how we may be able to help your business? Contact us today.