ZenduIT at Geotab Connect 2020: Your Questions Answered

January 24, 2020


ZenduIT at Geotab Connect 2020: Your Questions Answered

This month the ZenduIT team had a blast attending Geotab Connect 2020 in San Diego! Connect 2020 was highlighted as Geotab’s biggest conference to date and it was truly a must-attend event that focused on innovation and technological development within the telematics industry. Among the various keynotes that were presented by thought leaders, some businesses such as ZenduIT were invited to attend as Marketplace Exhibitors. Acting as a Marketplace Exhibitor allowed our team to connect with attendees and our customers to discuss ZenduIT’s business process automation solutions. 


If you weren’t able to join the conference or couldn’t make it to the ZenduIT booth, below are a number of topics and questions we focused on addressing while attending! 



How Are ZenduIT Camera Systems Different From Others?


ZenduIT carries a number of camera systems so regardless of the size of your fleet or your goals, you can see benefits. Apart from offering live-tracking, real-time video streaming and distracted driving detection, ZenduIT also offers enterprise integration, access to Marketplace’s such as ZenduONE, as well as managed services offerings. Meaning, fleets using these systems can automatically gather mass quantities of customizable data that either a trained professional or dispatch manager can review in one place. 


What Kind of Software Offerings Do You Have? 


We have a goal to help fleet and field service companies streamline processes to make tasks easier and encourage growth. What this means, is that apart from our vast ZenduIT-specific solutions that focus on increasing productivity, visibility and reliability, our in-house development team can also customize solutions. Truly allowing us to say that we offer 360 solutions to combat nearly any business-related problem to drive results. So if you see a feature in one solution that you would like altered to meet alternative goals, let us know!


What is ZenduMA?


Zendu Maintenance, or otherwise known as ZenduMA, is a powerful maintenance management system that helps businesses run entire maintenance operations effectively and efficiently. This web-based system takes time-consuming tasks such as work order management, preventative maintenance scheduling as well as custom reporting to be automatically completed in one location. But what does this mean for businesses? It means that they can now complete more of their tasks, at a faster pace and in one system. 


What Solutions Do You Offer for Winter Operations? 


As some attendees of Connect were escaping winter weather for the week, we found that many were intrigued to learn more about our winter operations solutions. With that being said, it’s important to highlight how we have solutions created for winter maintenance departments to deploy, monitor and analyze their efforts during snow or weather-related events. Specifically, our Winter Maintenance solution that uses sensors and cameras to provide management with mass amounts of data about their efforts. From the quantity of salt distributed to live-stream footage of drivers, dispatchers and city users can stay ahead of compliance and better deploy their teams. As well, it’s worth highlighting how real-time plow location information and route history can be displayed internally as well as online for the public through shareable links. 


Do You Have Airport Solutions? 


Yes, ZenduIT does offer IoT and telematics solutions specific to airports! Our airport offerings focus on boosting safety, efficiency and monitoring with both corporate and consumer needs in mind. Our Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) gathers and presents data from various sensors and cameras to allow users to monitor efforts, maintain safety and schedule maintenance. In addition, it provides the opportunity for real-time information to be shown to passengers to enhance their experience. All of this allows safety to increase, asset utilization to be monitored, KPIs to be recorded, and much more. 


ZenduWork – What Is It? 


ZenduWork is one of ZenduIT’s intelligent dispatching software solutions that provides easy access to numerous tools to boost dispatching processes. Not only does it allow users to create personalized work orders, but work orders can be assigned to routes at the click of a button. In addition, it incorporates a fully-functional messaging interface between dispatching teams and drivers. 


If you’re interested to learn more about any of these solutions, or how we offer customizable options for nearly any industry, contact us today! We’re confident that our wide range of IoT solutions can drive real-world results.