Winter Maintenance Compliance Solution

During winter snowfall events, winter maintenance departments are required to plow and salt roads within specific time periods to stay compliant to winter maintenance road regulations. These time periods are based on winter road classes. The Zendu Winter Maintenance app allows dispatchers and city users to stay ahead of compliance by setting winter road compliance time periods based on Winter Road Class types. During snowfall events, dispatchers and city users monitor road compliance through the add-in and live map.

Set Winter Road Compliance Time Periods Based on Winter Road Class Types




Monitor Winter Compliance

Users can monitor winter compliance accurately and real-time throughout the day. Users also have the ability to monitor when road compliance is not being followed. Alerts and reports can be set up around compliance.


Important Live Map Views

Quickly view which roads have been driven, plowed and salted in a live map view based on road status colors. Ensure winter roads are in compliance for liability.


Advanced Dispatching

Dispatch drivers to non-compliant roads more quickly to maximize public road safety.