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Product Update: April 2021

April 29, 2021

New products and features are being developed to improve fleet management capabilities as well as fleet efficiency. 


Mississauga, ON – April 29, 2021 – This month, ZenduIT is releasing numerous updates for the ZenduCAM/Trax and ZenduOne platforms. These updates will include new synchronous video and speed or acceleration graphs, location sharing, dashboard updates and more. 




The ZenduCAM/Trax platform will have numerous updates to allow managers of fleets to better understand the driving behaviour of drivers who are completing routes, in addition to sharing certain route information with customers 


Coming Soon: Synchronous Video and Speed/Acceleration Graph 


This update will allow managers to better follow along with triggered events or live-feeds of drivers. When a user decides to play the video recorded, they will be able to see the speed of the vehicle on a chart to easily check the drivers speed during a specific moment in the video footage. 



Coming Soon: Share Location Update


To help provide more insight to customers, soon managers will be able to share the location of a vehicle or load. Allowing the customers to have an accurate estimated time and distance until the end destination is reached. 





There are various dashboard UI updates for driver scorecards to help users better visualize how their fleet is performing. This will ultimately help managers make better decisions. 


Coming Soon: Dashboard UI Updates and New Features 


We have updated the UI of the dashboard in ZenduOne as a reporting feature where you can have an overview of the reports such as the driver scorecard to make informed business decisions.



The reports will be available through customizable widgets where you can export them as excel reports.



The individual driver scorecard dashboard where the manager can view the dashboard will also have a highlight for individual driver scorecards to make driver performance reviews faster and easier.



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We develop intelligent fleet and field service solutions by leveraging our expertise in IoT software development, fleet management, and consulting to help our clients see measurable results. We focus on improving efficiency, profitability and overall success through the use of customizable telematics technology.


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