How Preventive Maintenance Plays A Big Role In Fleet Success

April 23, 2021


How Preventive Maintenance Plays A Big Role In Fleet Success

Maintenance plays a big role in fleet success proving beneficial in the long run along with saving you from variable maintenance costs that would otherwise place a burden on your budget. Although fleets are aware of this, they are still hesitant towards implementing maintenance solutions. Primarily, this is because of fleets being unaware of how the implementation process works and overestimating the challenges that will rise with implementing new solutions.

Fleet managers start worrying about the fact that they need to research their needs, service providers, test the solutions and plan for the future. But they’re unaware that when they research their needs, they learn about issues and challenges in their current operations. Researching service providers informs them on the different solutions that exist which could prove to be beneficial. Testing solutions shows how their operations could improve, and when they plan for the future, they’re one step ahead. 


ZenduMA – An All In One Approach To Fleet Maintenance


Solutions like ZenduMA (or otherwise known as ZenduMaintenance) provide a powerful, web-based maintenance management system that improves fleet operations by keeping all the vehicles and assets in good shape. If a vehicle fault or scheduled maintenance is detected by the system, it will automatically alert the fleet. Fleets no longer need to keep a check on the vehicle and can leave it to ZenduMA to deal with. 


A Few Words From ZenduMA Users


Scottish Sea Farms, a ZenduMA user, stated that, “It is so simple to manage users and navigate through assets to find relevant information like work orders, scheduled work and parts use history which has been a big plus for my department… 

Coldwell Solar, another ZenduMA user, stated, “Coldwell Solar is growing fast and we wanted a cloud based CMMS to manage our solar assets. I compared multiple solutions but always came back to ZenduMA. The per user pricing model is easy to understand and it’s actually and it’s absolutely the best bang for your buck.” 


Why Choose ZenduMA?


ZenduMA will help you follow the best practices in maintenance procedures, organization performance and lessen variable costs by solving problems prior to them becoming an actual problem. By helping you recognize failure codes and tracking part and vehicle inventory, ZenduMA will streamline the entire maintenance process. Here are some features that make ZenduMA a great choice:


  • Real Time Vehicle Diagnostics


Fleets will be able to spot issues like failing batteries and engine fault codes quickly resulting in maximizing safety and the performance of vehicles. ZenduMA will automatically capture odometer readings, engine hours, voltage, temperature, fuel consumption, power take offs (PTO) and tire pressure, all directly from the vehicle engine control unit (ECM). This will reduce road breakdowns and delays and improve vehicle health and lifetime. 


  • Custom Reporting And Utilization


ZenduMA enables you to create custom list views and reports with the advanced filtering system. This will allow you to visualize data in intuitive graphs, better manage allocation of resources, organize, track and schedule maintenance activities. 


  • Streamline Your Workflow


ZenduMA is best for being able to integrate with various other solution providers including Geotab, KeepTruckin, Samsara and ZenduIT. It can automatically sync diagnostic faults, engine hours, odometer readings, driver vehicle inspection reports and much more. Fleets will be able to pull asset work orders and meter readings on the mobile app by just printing and scanning their QR codes. With ERP integrations and a centralized maintenance calendar, ZenduMA will take your fleet to the next level. 


  • Inventory & Supply Chain Management


Fleets can handle the entire production flow of the goods or service to maximize quality, delivery, customer experience and profitability. They can now automate procurement, so suppliers send them quotes when they run low on stock. The app further allows you to scan parts for quantities, receive and update stock. 


How ZenduMA Is Open To Other Service Providers


ZenduMA is a solution designed and created by ZenduIT and works well with all ZenduIT solutions. However, not every fleet works with ZenduIT because of their specific needs and requirements. Fortunately, ZenduMA can fully integrate with other service providers as mentioned previously.

ZenduMA can sync with the diagnostics of these service providers and driver vehicle inspection report data to better organize, track and schedule fleet maintenance. The diagnostics include diagnostic faults, engine hours, odometer readings, and DVIRs. The corrective and scheduled maintenance work orders are automatically generated based on telematics data. 

At the core of every transportation operations business is its fleet of trucks. Keeping the fleet up and running is essential for keeping the business running smoothly. To ensure this remains the case in the long run, proper maintenance must take place, and a maintenance solution must be implemented so the level of maintenance over time remains consistent. To learn more about the best maintenance practices and how ZenduMA can help streamline maintenance procedures, contact us today.