Custom Mapping Add-Ins for Fleet Management Software

March 30, 2017

Jennifer Moore

Custom Mapping Add-Ins for Fleet Management Software

ZenduIT is always working to streamline processes for fleet and field service companies, and that often means integrating our product with any number of industry-leading technologies. We find that some of our most popular integrations involve mapping solutions that make it easy to visualize our telematics data. These integrations can help users track and manage their fleets in real time, and also allow a thoughtful review of past performance data.

Geotab 2 ArcGIS

ArcGIS is a complete, cloud-based mapping solution that allows users to make and share high-quality maps. The software also allows users to explore data related to those maps. Maps can be used in real time, or past data can be collected and analyzed, or both. This can all be seamlessly integrated with Geotab to visualize information like vehicle location, trips, and vehicles that break pre-defined rules. This can make it easy for a fleet manager to understand a fleet’s on-time performance rate, for example. Routes, landmarks, and trips can all be added to the maps to create an at-a-glance view of a fleet’s service area.

GIS City Layers Map

A geographic information system (GIS) is used to store, analyze, share, and display geographic information. A city-layers map is a mapping solution that allows users to interact with their fleet’s elements and routes. Elements like landmarks, routes, and vehicle icons can be viewed easily while users can toggle between layers to see, for example, what all the vehicles on a certain route are doing at the moment. A proximity tool allows users to quickly identify drivers that ever passed through a certain location.

GIS Road Import

Our road import tool allows a fleet manager to view all roads in Geotab as zones. This mapping solution is particularly popular with garbage and snow removal companies because it allows users to import a map of street service zones. Fleet managers can then create rules for when each zone should be serviced, and that means easily tracking completion.

Public Map Share

Sometimes, a fleet manager wants a mapping solution that can easily let people outside their company know where their vehicles are at in real time. This mapping solution can be used to tell customers exactly where their delivery is, or it can be used to publically post a live map of bus routes so members of the public can easily plan their trips. Public Map Share users can also set rules to choose what is shared and what is hidden.

GIS Shapefile Importer

Some fleet managers need to track their vehicles through geofence zones, and our shapefile integration makes importing those zones a breeze. Users can drag, drop, and upload shapefiles as map zones and then create rules for vehicle behavior. The tool will check for name and zone conflicts during upload to ensure the map will work properly. Fleet managers can then set up notices for when a vehicle enters or leaves a certain area.