GIS Shapefile Import/Export Tool

ZenduIT’s GIS ShapeFile Importer allows users to drag, drop, and upload shapefiles to import to the Geotab telematics solution as Zones. The Import tool uploads shapefiles and translates them to geofence zones. This importer will also check against name duplicates and provide users with a preview of potential zone conflicts as well.
Easily drag and drop a shapefile zip to the import tool. Users can build rules, alerts, and reports against newly imported zones. Users are also able to mass name zones by selecting shape properties or auto-incrementing.
Export Geotab geofence zones to shapefiles for your existing GIS systems, such as ArcGIS.

Drag/Drop/Upload ShapeFiles to Import As Zones




Drag and drop shapefiles into Geotab Add-In

Add-in contains simple drag and drop functionality to convert shapefiles to zones. Also contains a format checker.


Conflict Warnings

Add-in warns and displays naming and shape conflicts if they already exist in Geotab.


Mass naming by selecting shape properties or auto-incrementing

Users can customize zone names by adding prefixes or by selecting an attribute to use for naming.


User Friendly Zone Naming Capability

Easily perform mass renaming by re-importing the shapefile and giving another name convention.


Preview files before import on a map

Users can preview zones on the map, as well as map overlay conflicts.