GIS City Layers Map

The Zenduit Custom Map Add-In allows users to interact with GIS elements and routes. It incorporates GIS elements, landmarks, routes, vehicle icons, a live route view, and much more. City Custom GIS maps and GIS databases are directly imported/integrated to AVL Custom Map (“City Maps”). “City Maps” allows municipal users to track, manage, and analyze vehicle locations against familiar internal city maps.

Interact With GIS Elements & Routes




Custom Map with Layered GIS Data

Enable or disable layers with respect to your department.


Live Exceptions

Live trailing breadcrumb highlights exceptions as they happen.


GIS Interaction

Easily interact with GIS elements for detailed insight. Users also have access to Proximity tool to quickly identify who was there.


View Vehicle Proximity

View vehicles that were within proximity of a specific area within a specific date range.


Live Breadcrumb View of Vehicles

Follow your vehicles on the live map; view what roads are being plowed live.


Easy Interaction

With GIS elements such as routes, bins, and much more.