ZenScore’s Smart Dashboard Gives You the Feedback You Need

May 14, 2022


ZenScore’s Smart Dashboard Gives You the Feedback You Need

Life moves pretty fast. Fleet drivers know this better than anyone. When your job is spent on the road, staying safe is the priority. One faulty tire, one wrong move, can cause untold damage at high speeds. 

Transport companies that adopt smart technology and supportive strategies will not just reduce accidents, they may also save lives.

Enter ZenScore.

ZenScore is a fleet management tool that helps you monitor and even improve driver behaviour. Using a blend of AI analytics, vehicle sensors, ‘gamification’ of KPIs and driver feedback, ZenScore software gives fleet managers a visual control-centre. 

This proactive approach keeps your fleet vehicles safe and your drivers alert to danger. Among the known benefits to using ZenScore:

  •       Helps fleet managers run Driver Safety Training following any range of driver handbooks.
  •       Proactively addresses driver failures and helps implement fleet policy.
  •       Identifies opportunities to save fuel and conducts a Fuel Tax Agreement (FTA) analysis.
  •       Helps fleet managers set maintenance schedules and alerts to potential vehicle issues.
  •       Reduces HOS compliance risk, road incidents and tickets.

The ZenScore smart dashboard integrates a wealth of telematic information, including GPS positioning maps, vehicle maintenance and fuel stats, with driver safety and engagement. This allows fleet managers to maintain and improve safety by connecting with all of their drivers, in real-time, giving them more control and even more peace of mind.

ZenScore: The Smart Dashboard for Fleets

The ZenScore smart dashboard is a powerful guide and mentor, providing analytic insights into recurring driver issues, warning of potential road accidents, and positively engaging with drivers for their own safety and protection. Even multiple fleets across different locations can be integrated seamlessly into the same command-centre dashboard for fleet management visibility.

In an industry where fleet drivers often drive long distances alone, the dashboard helps drivers stay connected and protected. By providing key insights on both your vehicles and drivers, you help ensure the safety of both. 

ZenScore allows fleet managers to gauge, from any distance:

  •       Safety issues such as speeding, seat belt use and harsh braking or cornering.
  •       Maintenance issues such as engine faults, mechanical failures and electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR).
  •   Performance issues in operational management, measuring fuel consumption, vehicle utilization, productivity and idling costs.

By using telematic software like ZenScore, fleet companies almost immediately reported a 10% decrease in fuel consumption, an almost 12% reduction in labour costs, and a 21% reduction in accident costs. These savings alone add up to nearly 50% in cost reduction.

At last, the smart tools necessary to help fleets save on both major costs and precious lives.

How Does ZenScore Work?

In addition to the customizable dashboard, ZenScore also provides a range of timely alerts and reports, which all equate to improved fleet safety and performance.

  • Dashboard Productivity Reports show at a glance the driving time and utilization of major assets, ensuring optimal usage by your fleet in general and by drivers individually, 
  • Compliance Ranking Reports provide data on the overall company compliance in terms of driver behaviours, road incidents and compliance fines. It also provides a ‘Heat Map’ to identify risky areas of concern, lapsed safety rules or other compliance issues.
  • Driver Scorecards rate and monitor the safety and responsibility of every driver.
  • Driver Incentive Programs help form healthy competition among drivers in terms of safety and productivity.

ZenScore offers a driver engagement tool that helps teams develop positive driving habits. Drivers are ranked according to set measurements around specific areas, such as policy safety or fuel targets. This helps teams eliminate poor driving behaviours and reward good ones.

To stay in peak performance, Driver Incentive Programs and competitions can pair rewards with positive incentives, making people want to do their best. While ZenScore’s Driver Scorecards and data analytics can help fleet managers assess needs and situations correctly, even remotely.

Armed with data, ZenScore becomes both a fleet manager as well as a coaching tool for drivers, helping reinforce positive behaviours for improved safety and performance. 

Best of all, it tells you what each driver does right. Better behaviours form the basis for a stable, principled strategy, one that helps power the fleets of tomorrow.

ZenScore's Smart Dashboard Gives You the Feedback You Need

Training & Telematics: Measure Constantly

Accurate measurement forms the basis of rational decision making, as well as effective training. The effectiveness of ZenScore as a tool is its seamless integration with telematics, allowing for automated measurement and reporting features that once used to cost fleet managers the bulk of their time.

As a driver behaviour coaching tool, it can help foster positive changes, communicate fleet policy and let fleets of all sizes provide empowerment and encouragement to their drivers. This telematic software can even help manage road incidents, provide safety histories summarizing performance, and analyze whether related incidents are correlated.

Keeping your teams engaged, informed and motivated will drive fleet management success, lowering your risks and creating better, safer drivers.

The Zen Way

With 24-hour fleet management data analytics, ZenScore lets you make smart fleet decisions. Contact your ZenduiT representative today for your free demonstration.