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ZenScore’s Smart Dashboard Gives You the Feedback You Need

The ZenScore smart dashboard integrates a wealth of telematic information–GPS positioning maps, vehicle maintenance and fuel stats–together with driver safety and engagement. This allows fleet managers to maintain and improve safety by connecting with all of their drivers, in real time. ZenScore’s smart dashboard gives you the feedback you need.

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The Future of Fleet Safety

Fleet safety evolved from a need to understand the root causes of accidents involving commercial trucks. The advent of dash cams and telematics gave companies valuable insights and actionable data to help create safer, efficient fleets.   Today, those same data capabilities can help fleet managers not only address the causes of training, but offer […]

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Using The Power Of Telematics To Coach Drivers And Achieve Better Outcomes

Telematics tells you what your drivers are doing right — a far cry from the perception that fleet dash cams are simply “Big Brother” taking drivers to task over every perceived infraction. By coaching your fleet, you reinforce positive behaviors, which leads to greater road safety, adherence to corporate policy and greater retention.   All […]

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GPS Tracking: A Secret For Every Fleet-Based Business

The more data that a business can gather about their assets, the better. This is especially true for businesses in various industries such as construction, transportation and even aviation who need to know exactly where their assets are at all times. As GPS tracking and location monitoring can help teams better organize themselves and even […]

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