The Future of Fleet Safety

October 22, 2021


The Future of Fleet Safety

Fleet safety evolved from a need to understand the root causes of accidents involving commercial trucks. The advent of dash cams and telematics gave companies valuable insights and actionable data to help create safer, efficient fleets.


Today, those same data capabilities can help fleet managers not only address the causes of training, but offer targeted training and gamification to engage and retain drivers while addressing the most common causes of accidents.


While older vehicle assessments such as Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) still have some value, it is evident that in-vehicle dash cams can pull data much faster and offer a more immediate, comprehensive view into a driver’s activity on the road. In addition, telematics data can provide valuable insights into your vehicles’ overall health, so you can get ahead of important maintenance issues before they occur. Finally, data insights allow you to engage drivers to improve their performance by offering incentives that contribute to a safer work culture.


Dash cams + telematics data


For every fleet and the companies that manage them, improving safety culture and maximizing performance is an ongoing goal, one that continues to lean on technology to improve itself. Dash cams, combined with telematics data, play an important part in reducing risky driving behaviour. 

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ZenduIT has been developing safety solutions to fit fleets of all sizes for years. Our dashboard collects driver data from your entire fleet, displaying it in one location and in an intuitive, easy-to-use format. This allows you to review key information related to driver behaviour, such as speeding, hours of service (HOS), distracted driving or collisions. 


Dash cam solutions create an objective, holistic record of a driving event, exonerating your drivers and saving your organization large sums in legal fees and insurance liabilities. Your customized dashboard captures video based on settings selected by you, allowing you to decide which driving behaviours to identify. When data is accessible, it empowers fleet managers to identify and correct at-risk drivers before accidents occur. 


Improving driver behaviour through gamification


It isn’t enough to have a safety policy for your fleet; you must also implement that policy and hold your drivers accountable on an ongoing basis. Safety training programs can be introduced through dash cam technology, allowing for continuous driver coaching and improvement. 


Not every driver has the same driving skills, and many of them can develop bad habits over time. Each may be proficient with certain skill ets but require work elsewhere. Dash cam telematics can deliver video footage, a safety score, and a full cross-section of a driver’s behaviour on the road, all in real-time. Drivers can review personalized progress reports on their mobile devices, and compare safety scores with their peers so as to improve their standing over time.


One of the most effective methods of incentivizing good driving behaviour is gamification. There are studies that show when an activity is fun, people are more likely to do it. Rewards are a great way to encourage safe driving, share the benefits of a safer fleet with your drivers, and improve driver retention. Rewards are extremely helpful for getting driver buy-in and creating a positive safety culture.

Gamification plays into human psychology in a way that’s extremely effective. In the ZenScore app, for example, you can create a virtual leaderboard that ranks drivers by safety score. A driver safety score is a single number that aggregates data from your telematics system to summarize the overall safety of each driver. This makes it easy to see top performers, encourage friendly competition, and motivate drivers to improve their ranking.


To maximize engagement, the rewards you choose should be attractive and relevant. Make sure you customize the incentives that fit with your company culture, such as bonuses, plaques, gift cards or other prizes. 


ZenduCAM + ZenScore


Poor driving increases operational expenses, risks and increases fuel and maintenance costs. Previously, dash cams documented incidents such as harsh braking and speeding, but due to a lack of live streaming, fleet managers were required to watch hours of tape to identify driving behaviour and assign training. Modern dash cam telematics, such as those systems proffered through ZenduCAM, can monitor a live video feed from within the vehicle to produce data in real-time.


According to a recent study, dash cam telematics can cut vehicle collisions by 65% and accident costs by upwards of 75%. Zenducam’s game-changing technology provides fleet managers with previously unseen data and insights into poor driving habits, non-compliance, and/or collisions. ZenduCAM, when used with GPS tracking and our proprietary fleet management software, can provide alerts in real-time to drivers when risky driving behaviour is detected, and can quickly correct drivers to avoid serious accidents. 




As ZenduIT continues to develop more advanced fleet safety solutions, we hope to see a consistent decrease in trucking accidents. Analyzing and improving fleet safety will continue to be a priority for trucking companies, which means it’s a priority for us. At ZenduIT, we’re proud to offer dash cam safety solutions that contribute to better driving behaviours, reduced risks on the road, and overall safer processes. Contact us today to learn more about our integrated dash cam solutions.