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Car Stereo Plus – ZenduWork

May 31, 2019

Car Stereo Plus is a company that is based in Georgia, USA. Their work involves equipping vehicles with aftermarket components, which requires, rapid deliveries of approximately 1-4 hour. ZenduWork is used to handle their entire dispatching operation from start to finish. Managers quickly create and assign work orders to drivers.

The ability to track the progress and location of work orders, through driver mobile device. Removes the need for ELDs(Electronic Logging Device) saving Car Stereo Plus from the costs of by and installing expensive hardware. The Route Optimizer feature helped save Car Stereo Plus an average of 20% travel time on deliveries.

Dispatchers can create custom forms directly on the ZenduWork, and send them to their drivers. Not to mention users can directly message on ZenduWork, allowing for improved communication and higher success rates.

Car Stereo Plus utilizes ZenduWork to assign and dispatch work orders to their driver base. With the multitude of different really available on ZenduWork, the entire dispatch workflow can be completed all on one platform. The dispatcher can create forms for work orders directly on ZenduWork. Then dispatch and track the work order with a live map view. Drivers are notified of an assigned work order through email. In addition, the dispatcher can communicate directly to the driver through the ZenduWork app, meaning no need for SMS texts.

The ability to track the progress and location of work orders without an ELD(Electronic Logging Device) saves Car Stereo Plus from the costs of by and installing expensive hardware.

The automated form submission through Geofencing helps the Car Stereo Plus team, reduce the time needed for drivers to fill out and update forms, while also improving the tracking and reporting or work status.

Previously to ZenduWork, Car Stereo Plus relied on bulky software and paper forms to dispatch work orders. Which did not meet their needs such as real-time tracking of work order progress, live map view of vehicle location, messaging, and optimized routes.

ZenduWork offers a user-focused experience through and through. With multiple ways to do a function. Such as adding in a new customer, while creating a work order, there is a quick add button location on the work order, which reduced the time for the dispatcher to maintain work orders.

A feature that drastically helped improve the workflow in the dispatching office, is the ability for multiple dispatchers to be able to dispatch and manage work orders at the same time. With this capability, work can easily be distributed according, allowing for improved workflow for dispatchers.

To add the capability to message drivers all on the same platform as dispatching reduces the headache management faced with emails, texts, and other messaging platforms. Having the ability to message and dispatch through the same portal. This minimized the number of missed messages due to the email clutter experienced by the manager.

When a driver happens to forget a specific document in the office such as an invoice, the dispatcher can attach and send the form directly through the messaging portal on ZenduWork.

The Route Optimizer feature helped save Car Stereo Plus an average of 20% travel time on deliveries.

Testimonial or Quotes from Customer

“ ZenduWork is an easy to use dispatch software, which helps streamline my work orders.”
– Lindsey, Dispatching Manager- Car Stereo Plus

“ The ability for me and my co-worker to dispatch work orders really helps improve productivity” – Lindsey, Dispatching Manager- Car Stereo Plus

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