Reeb MillWork – ZenduForms

May 31, 2019

Jayant Arora

Reeb MillWork – ZenduForms

ZenduForms was able to streamline Reeb’s Product backlog process, and improved delivery and customer fulfillment process. Getting updates when a form is complete, allows Reeb, to stay up to date with delivery status and maintain backlog. Previously Reeb drivers would have to call in all product damages, which took time out of their workday.

The issue Reeb MillWorks faced was, logging damaged products upon delivery. This problem took a substantial amount of time out of the driver’s day. ZenduForms allowed drivers to stay focused on their deliveries, rather than worrying about getting a hold of the warehouse to place a backlog order, allowing us to make more deliveries. Using automated instant form submissions, drivers were able to stay focused on high priority tasks. Reduced 25 minutes a day in a shift.

Reeb management uses ZenduForms to create a Backlog form for their drivers. Management assigns this form to appropriate drivers who can then access it when needed. Specifically, when products are found damaged upon delivery. When this happens the driver simply scans the barcode found on the delivery box, of the damaged products and submits the form, all done directly through ZenduWork. The form is then processed by Reeb’s in-house warehouse management software and a new order is placed and scheduled for the customer. Two steps and done.

The pain area identified is the use of outdated form software that did not meet all the company’s needs. Drivers use to have to call the warehouse, in the middle of their delivery to report damaged products; which is ineffective as they would have to wait on hold until someone responded. Additionally, incomplete forms were able to be submitted. Together, these issues resulted in Reeb experiencing a significant backlog in delivering products to their customer base. The end result was reduced customer satisfaction and workflow productivity, and increased driver frustration.

To add, there were not enough regulations on form submission, which allowed forms to be submitted while missing significant information.

The totality of these issues causes a large backlog issue in delivering products to their customer base. Causing lower customer satisfaction, increased driver frustration with the process, and reduced work-flow productivity.

ZenduForms was the complete solution Reeb was looking for. For instance, take a scenario where multiple types of products are scheduled for the same delivery stop. With the looping questions feature only one form is needed; making the logging process very efficient. In addition, ZenduForms’ integration capabilities allowed it to be 10 0% customizable for their company’s specific workflow.

Furthermore, with ZenduForms being integrated with the Geotab platform drivers can access all authorized forms through a single app. Additionally, the intuitive interface makes for a minimal learning curve for drivers, meaning drivers can start using ZenduForms right away. In the case of managers, creating forms is as simple as dragging and dropping what features they want on the forms. Lastly, with over 14 different features for creating forms, ZenduForms is a platform which will scale with Reeb’s work-flow needs as they grow.

In short, ZenduForms solves the major problems deterring productivity, by making the fulfillment process quick and easy for all parties involved.

ZenduForms allowed improved productivity greatly, as it reduced the time-delay for fulfilling product replacement for customer. Also reducing the time and effort required for drivers to report damage to products, allowing drivers to focus on meeting delivery deadlines.

Zenduit was able to reduce replacement fulfilment time on average by 25%, by utilizing efficient form submission and tracking with ZenduForms.

Reeb was able to completely digitize forms and logging process. ZenduForms organizes, tracks, stores, and reports on hundreds of forms submitted a day. Reduced 25 minutes a day in a shift, due to not needing to call in re-deliveries every time, now need to just submitting forms.

Testimonial or Quotes from Customer

“ ZenduForms is great for time efficiency, helping productivity by allowing drivers to focus on driving and delivering, and not logging reports. Being integrated with Geotab makes things much simpler for our operations ”

-Tim, Operations Manager, Reeb MillWork Corp.