The Evolution Of Dash Cam Technology: Video Footage vs. Live Streaming

Dash cams are extremely effective safety tools for commercial fleets. Generally, fleets install dash cams because they’re looking for better visibility into driving behaviour on the road. The footage generated from dash cams can be used for driver coaching, accident avoidance and, in worst case scenarios, evidence for exoneration.   Most dash cams can either […]

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How Commercial Dash Cams Can (And Can’t) Affect Your Insurance

Here’s the bad news: Simply having dash cams in your fleet won’t save you money on insurance premiums. Not directly, anyways. While no insurance companies currently offer a specific dash cam discount, having them in your fleet can positively affect your premium, which in turn helps keep your rates down.    As we’ve discussed in […]

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AI And The Human Component: Why Amazon Got It Wrong

It seems as though Amazon is in hot water yet again. Earlier this month, we wrote about Amazon’s requirement of its drivers to sign a biometric consent form in compliance with newly-installed AI dash cameras. Drivers were told to consent or risk losing their jobs.   Amazon claims it’s trying to keep its drivers safe. […]

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How Telematics And Gamification Can Lead To A Stronger Fleet

Not too long ago, mega-retailer Amazon came under fire yet again, this time for using AI-powered cameras to keep watch over their drivers while on the job. While the cameras in and of themselves aren’t problematic, the number of false positives due to inflexible algorithms have led to nothing short of an employee revolt. In […]

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Find The Best Dash Cam Solution For Your Fleet

From accident prevention to correcting driver behaviour in real time, it seems there’s nothing a commercial dash cam can’t do for your fleet. But which device is the best option for you?   As it turns out, the answer doesn’t depend simply on the hardware’s capabilities. Your business needs determine how you’ll use your dash […]

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AI And Trucking: Integrating The Two Is Critical During A Pandemic

Technology is advancing at impressive rates. When speaking about telematics, artificial intelligence has played a critical role in the innovation and development of many solutions for vehicle-based businesses. If you have yet to implement telematics initiatives using AI advancements, it is time to do it as there are 5 noticeable benefits that arise.  Artificial Intelligence […]

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Part 2: Understanding The True Benefits Of Fleet Cameras

Last week we discussed how many fleet managers are turning their attention to dashcams as they’re not only useful for collecting video footage, but maintaining communication and improving training. While we previously discussed where the initial interest of these camera solutions came from and what fleet managers typically learn from solutions providers, in Part 2 […]

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