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Introducing ZenduCAM Managed Services

August 3, 2017


Making the decision to install dash cameras on your fleet can seriously reduce liability for your company.

Dash cameras are the first step, however, it is important to regularly review footage and run reports on driver behaviour to protect both your company and everyone else on the road. By utilizing the information provided by dash cameras to its maximum potential, it becomes easier to optimize road-safety routines and procedures.

We understand it can be time-consuming for a fleet manager to be constantly viewing video events and developing new safety procedures based on the footage.

That is why ZenduIT is excited to announce that our ZenduCAM solution will have a managed services feature, starting on September 1st, 2017.

This ZenduIT Service will include:

  • Setting up all the rules the customer is looking to have managed
  • Review captured footage based on broken rules
  • Escalate video events that require attention to the respective fleet/safety managers
  • Provide monthly reports against analyzed events and driver risk assessment

ZenduIT Managed Services will provide fleet managers with the tools they need to ensure their drivers are driving responsibly and safely.

ZenduIT is also equipping its resellers and partners with the ability to provide these services directly to their customers through special training on our Trax Partner Portal.

For more information, book a meeting with a fleet consultant.

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