Driver Tracking App: Affordable Alternative to Traditional GPS
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Driver Tracking App: Cost Effective Solution to Typical GPS Tracking Solutions

July 5, 2017

GPS is not a new solution for fleet managers. These products range from small battery-powered devices to expensive hard-wired units. But what if you could take all of that information and put it on the smallest most universal device your drivers already own: a smartphone.

Adding a fleet tracking app to your driver’s phones can be the smartest thing a fleet owner or manager can do. It is a solution that is becoming popular for managers who need to keep an eye on fleet vehicles and drivers without the typical high cost of traditional GPS tracking solutions.

The question is: Why do fleet managers want to use a GPS system on their smartphone rather than a more traditional GPS device? What are the benefits to using this seemingly smaller system?

Cost Effective

When equipment costs get out of hand, that old GPS tracking system may be one item that is left on the “keep” shelf and not updated or reviewed as frequently as it should be. So for some fleets, the cost of buying a new GPS tracking system can be high, especially when they are running an old and outdated system. However, a smartphone GPS system is often less expensive. The reason we say “OFTEN” is because the cost is affected by other equipment costs such as the need for a smartphone. Aspects, such as whether your drivers all carry app-capable devices, and your company’s policy on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) regulations may influence a GPS app price. That being said, most drivers already have tracking app ready smartphone devices and won’t need an additional smartphone purchased.

Driver Tracking App Benefits

Aside from the purchase price there are also other ways in which a driver tracking app can reduce costs and increase efficiency for your fleet!

Increase Productivity

An important benefit to driver tracking apps is increased productivity. Studies show that on average, a vehicle can complete at least one additional stop per week if live tracking is available.

Reduce Overtime

Driver overtime hours is another issue that can be solved when you have a tracking app installed on employees phones. Employee overtime rates can be quite steep – and without driver tracking, you don’t know whether or not the overtime is actually necessary. With a driver tracking app, you can likely reduce overtime by at least an hour per driver per week.

Increase Bottom Line

Installing a driver tracking app in a small fleet of about 10 vehicles, could save you thousands. With the increase in productivity alone once your drivers know they are being tracked can be huge. Plus, you can keep customers happy by arriving on-time or quickly in an emergency – meaning more repeat business. And with better routing and reduced overtime – the app would pay for itself in no time at all, and then you can focus on utilizing the app to increase business revenue!

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