A New Mobile App That Acts As A One-Stop-Shop For Any Fleet’s Needs

July 28, 2021


A New Mobile App That Acts As A One-Stop-Shop For Any Fleet’s Needs

What remains top of mind for most fleet managers is the need to stay connected to their drivers without micromanaging or losing valuable productivity. If you currently use ZenduIT’s products and services, you know that we listen to our clients and respond to their needs. Simply put, we take your business seriously.


In the latest evolution of streamlined performance and end-to-end business solutions, ZenduIT has recently launched its ZenduOne app for fleet managers — A comprehensive dispatch, operations and accounting system. With just a few clicks, users who download the mobile app from the IOS or PlayStore will be able to access all of their solutions while on the move. Fleet managers can now leverage their existing dash cams to review video footage on the go. Management can now coach drivers from anywhere, and drivers can even coach themselves, all without disruption of daily deliverables.


How it works


ZenduOne provides mobile access to all of ZenduIT’s leading fleet management solutions. Once downloaded, the app allows you to easily manage your drivers’ hours of service (HOS) and driving logs to ensure safety and compliance. Fleet managers can receive live updates and alerts of driving activity and status in real-time, while offering corrective training via mobile coaching reviews, should the need arise. Users can manage fleet operations from anywhere, in just three simple steps:


Step 1: Alerts and notifications are set up in advance, based on rules predetermined by the fleet manager. 


Step 2: Once an event is triggered, the video footage is automatically sent to the fleet manager for review, where he/she can either dismiss or escalate the event. If the event is escalated, the user/fleet manager can conduct training, coaching the driver about what occurred during the event, and how to prevent similar events from happening in the future. 


Step 3: If escalated, the driver will be prompted to review and acknowledge the event, which encourages self-training and planning for better outcomes. To maintain best safety practices, drivers can learn on-the-go, at their own pace.


A platform for managers and drivers


ZenduOne recognizes the mobile-centric nature of your business, and seeks to fill business gaps wherever and whenever they occur. The app provides fleet managers with access to their existing business solutions as they need it, while providing a platform for drivers to review their own driving behaviour and giving them insight into their own performance. 


We know that fleet managers don’t have time to sit at their desks reviewing hours of dash cam footage. We recognize that time is a resource, and that any opportunity to get your time back adds value to your business. ZenduOne has synthesized a platform for managers and drivers; it helps you to streamline workflows and incentivize improved performance while also giving your drivers the chance to be proactive about their performance and self-correct in the moment. This implicit interaction between drivers and fleet managers is just one of the amazing benefits from this app.


Recently we held an informative discussion on the ZenduONE app that dives deeper into it’s functionality, if you weren’t able to attend be sure to watch it below! 



Want to know more? Contact your ZenduIT consultant, and ask about your free ZenduOne trial!