AI And Trucking: Integrating The Two Is Critical During A Pandemic

Technology is advancing at impressive rates. When speaking about telematics, artificial intelligence has played a critical role in the innovation and development of many solutions for vehicle-based businesses. If you have yet to implement telematics initiatives using AI advancements, it is time to do it as there are 5 noticeable benefits that arise.  Artificial Intelligence […]

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Telematics Myths You Need To Watch Out For

As a provider of telematics to various industries, ZenduIT has found that there are certain telematics myths that many business owners still believe in. In fact, we’ve noticed that even if a myth is not true, it can still account as a roadblock for a business moving forward with telematics technology. Limiting the organization from […]

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How To Protect Your Fleet With Health Status Monitoring Solutions

Currently COVID-19, or otherwise known as coronavirus, is a popular topic of discussion because of its quick and sudden outbreak that shocked many countries – providing them little time to find a solution. On March 11th, the virus moved so quickly and affected so many throughout the world that the World Health Organization declared it […]

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