How to Boost Fleet Operations with Telematics

It’s astounding what automation and technology have produced in such a short time. From riding a driverless car to having your packages delivered by a drone, it seems as though creative innovation is near limitless. Fleet operations are another great example of automation and optimization using the right technology – telematics. For commercial fleets, telematics […]

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Supply chain challenges in the fleet industry

There are a number of supply chain challenges facing the fleet industry. Transportation-heavy industries are still facing a combination of semiconductor chip and fuel shortages for new vehicles, and it’s threatening the fleet market.

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Predictive Maintenance VS Preventive Maintenance: Which Is Beneficial?

How Predictive Maintenance Can Be More Cost Effective Than Preventive Maintenance Fleets are entering a time where efficiency is rewarded heavily and the faster processes take place, the more the fleets benefit. But in the race of making processes efficient and increasing profits, fleets tend to forget about the long-term game.  Vehicles being used to […]

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Predictive Maintenance: Eyeing The Future Of Fleet Maintenance

The importance of fleet maintenance is often underestimated – it is the backbone of a company’s fleet operations. It’s the most effective way of reducing vehicles’ unexpected breakdowns and accidents caused by vehicle malfunctions. Many businesses have adopted the preventive fleet maintenance strategy aimed at lessening the likelihood of equipment failure. But what does the […]

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Innovative Response Units: Paramedics Implement Telematics

Time is of the essence for first responders as they are required to quickly respond to those in need. While in most cases they are able to arrive fast and have enough training to successfully help individuals in need, sometimes, having more data and information available could be beneficial. With this being said, many first […]

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Reducing Downtime: How Technology In Fleets Should Be Leveraged

There are many unexpected costs that can arise in fleet operations, and recently, managers are focusing on the costs associated with downtime. As these costs can add up to cost businesses hundreds if not thousands of dollars, it’s something that needs to be addressed. Specifically, what is causing downtime, how productivity is halted and how […]

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