Fundamentals Of Building A Resilient Cold Chain

Cold chain management for the pharmaceutical industry is more than just a supply chain – it’s a lifeline that many people depend on. High-value pharmaceutical commodities are critical to human health, and they require extra care and professional handling and distribution. Most pharmaceutical products are highly temperature-sensitive and require to be stored and transported in […]

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reducing downtime, fleet, truck, management, maintenance, breakdown, technology

Reducing Downtime: How Technology In Fleets Should Be Leveraged

There are many unexpected costs that can arise in fleet operations, and recently, managers are focusing on the costs associated with downtime. As these costs can add up to cost businesses hundreds if not thousands of dollars, it’s something that needs to be addressed. Specifically, what is causing downtime, how productivity is halted and how […]

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Smart Solutions Keeping Fleets Safe

Fleet drivers must always act responsibly when they’re on the clock. Not only are they required to efficiently complete assigned deliveries, but they must abide by driving regulations and maintain safety on the road. Overlooking the concern for safety can not only pose a risk to themselves as drivers but other vehicles. Luckily, technology is […]

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