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Geotab Drive Truckmate Integration Makes Business Easy

January 3, 2017

Jennifer Moore

Geotab Drive Truckmate Integration Makes Business Easy

ZenduIT has combined the power of two leading fleet management systems into a powerful new application
that can make driver tracking and tasking as simple as possible.

Built on Geotab’s Leading Telematics Solution

Geotab has developed the world’s leading fleet tracking device; it’s engineered to plug directly into a vehicle’s existing ports to extract and provide rich data to fleet managers. On the other end of the system, drivers can easily download the Geotab Drive app to an existing tablet device, to input additional information into the system. This can include driver identification and hours of service, as well as vehicle inspection reporting or information regarding deliveries. Geotab is an open-source platform that allows developers like ZenduIT to independently utilize the existing system to benefit unique customers.

TMW’s Truckmate System Organizes Accounting, Dispatch, and Operations

TMW Systems has been a leading transportation software provider since 1983. It has offices across North America and serves more than 2,000 customers. Its Truckmate software is widely used for accounting, integrated dispatch, and operations. ZenduIT has integrated the Truckmate system into the Geotab Drive interface; it runs on off-the-shelf Android and Apple devices, making it very easy to install and use. The integration with Geotab Drive means drivers do not have to learn how to use another platform to get the benefits of Truckmate.

The Truckmate Drive App allows seamless workflow integration between fleet managers and drivers. Drivers can be prompted through an entire process to ensure uniformity and compliance with procedures. Customized work order fields show drivers what information they need to be recording and that information is then provided back to fleet managers in real-time. Fleet managers and drivers can also communicate through a messenger installed in the system. As soon as a freight bill is closed out it can automatically be sent off to billing to ensure prompt payment.

Incredible Convenience from Driver Load Offer Dispatching

Perhaps the central feature of ZenduIT’s integration is its driver load offer dispatching. Drivers can open up the app to easily see loads that need to be picked up or delivered. Drivers accept trips and can then see exactly what they need to do. The integrated Truckmate and Geotab system also includes additional details like a map to the location or phone number for the customer, available at their fingertips. On the company side, fleet managers can see the status of the load so they can know when the job is completed.

The system gives fleet managers second-by-second information on its drivers and the work that needs to be completed. Drivers are automatically prompted “interview style” to answer questions about their trip as they move along, like the name of the person accepting delivery. Fleet managers can set up automatic alerts, for example, a notice that a driver has spent too much time on a particular delivery.

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