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Plow Position Technology: Why your fleet needs it this winter

For the past few years, ZenduIT has provided innovative fleet safety technology and devices to a number of industries, including municipal, public works, construction, utilities and transportation. At our core, we believe that if unwanted behaviours on the road can be predicted, they can be prevented.    Perhaps this philosophy is best illustrated with waste […]

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Your Power Take-Off Device Just Got Smarter

What is PTO?   A power take-off (PTO) device is a special auxiliary equipment that transfers mechanical power from a power source. Power sources in fleets typically include running engines that are connected or attached to vehicle equipment. It allows the vehicle’s hosting energy source to transfer power to equipment that does not have its […]

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Telematics And Insurance: What’s The Relationship

Technology continues to advance at impressive rates which means more industries are finding innovative ways to use it. Currently, technology has advanced to allow for the creation of telematics – an information telecommunication technology that is growing in popularity in the vehicle sector. Even though telematics is more widely known for its use with vehicles […]

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