Everything You Need to Know About Fleet Route Optimization

Thanks to improvements in telematics and fleet tracking systems with routing capabilities, managers may now develop new route optimization tactics efficiently and quickly.

In this guide, we’ll break down the basics of route optimization for fleets; how they work, why they are beneficial, and how Zenduit’s proprietary telematics technology can help you implement better route optimization for your business.

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What You Need To Know About Finding The Right Asset Tracker Solution

Asset trackers have a proven record of bettering fleet operations as a whole and grant a high return on investment. But, unfortunately, many fleets are disappointed with their results after using a tracker due to the incorrect solution being used.    For instance, fleets working outside of cellular coverage can mistakenly implement asset trackers that […]

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Businesses Managing Finances During Uncertain Times: The Role Of Telematics

It’s important for every business to do what they can to stay profitable, however, now with uncertain times upon us, this is more important than ever before. In fact, many are looking to telematics for solutions when it comes to managing finances during uncertain times. Choosing to ignore this need to adjust could have detrimental […]

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