How Dash Cams Protect Drivers and Improve Fleet Safety

October 6, 2022


How Dash Cams Protect Drivers and Improve Fleet Safety

Fleets of all sizes are adopting dash cams, and as the technology evolves, this innovative solution is becoming increasingly affordable. 

But what are the actual safety benefits of dash cams for fleets, and why should you consider implementing them? This post will break down the top five ways dash cams protect your drivers and improve fleet safety.

What Are Dash Cams?

Dash cams are video recording devices designed for installation and use in motor vehicles. They get their name from where they’re usually installed – on the dashboard of a car or truck.

Dash cams have been around for a while; their official inception dates all the way back to the 1930s. At the time, the use of what were then called ‘windshield cameras’ was very limited, with law enforcement being the only real application for them. 

Since then, both dash cams and the motor vehicle have evolved to the point where this technology is now commonplace for many cars and commercial vehicles.

Today’s dash cameras are remarkably advanced, with features such as GPS, night vision, and AI to enhance their usefulness. Here are a few ways in which they can help protect a business’ drivers and improve overall fleet safety.

1. Evidence in the Event of an Accident

According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), a dash cam solution with event-based triggers contributed to an estimated reduction in fatal crashes by 20%, and injuries due to a crash by 35%.

In the event of an accident, there can be conflicting stories regarding liability. Video footage captured from a dash cam can be used as invaluable evidence to determine what happened in the event of an accident, exonerating your drivers and potentially reducing your insurance premiums.

2. Mitigating Future Risks

One of the biggest challenges of recovering from and preventing future road incidents is reconstructing the events that led up to the accident in the first place. 

Dash cam footage can be particularly helpful in providing fleet managers with not only footage related to a single incident, but insights into patterns of behaviour that can be addressed and corrected. 

Whether the issue is continuous idling, distracted or aggressive driving, dash cams can identify negligent behaviour through trigger alerts and help managers mitigate future risks.

3. Enhancing Driver Training Programs

Another great way to use dash cam footage is to enhance fleet driver training programs. Dash cams provide an objective view of what’s happening on the road and in the cab. 

This can be incredibly helpful for new or inexperienced drivers who may not be aware of potential risks. Fleet managers can use dash cam footage to train their drivers, either in real-time or through regular training sessions.

4. Reducing Insurance Costs

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, fleet insurance premiums are among the biggest expenditures trucking companies have to account for in their operations, sometimes totaling as much as $10,000.

Having a dash cam solution for your fleet can help reduce your premiums. Many insurance companies offer discounts based on either a “pay-as-you-go” or “pay-as-you-drive” model. 

Telematics data derived from dash cam technology can customize your insurance premiums based on your fleet’s driving patterns; It monitors your drivers’ behaviours on the road in real-time and offers an objective, holistic picture of your fleet. 

In fact, dash cam footage can create a massive shift in determining an organization’s premiums and how insurance is assigned to your fleet. ​

5. Security and Theft Prevention

Most dash cam solutions come equipped with GPS capabilities, so you always know where your vehicles are. This is an incredibly useful tool in preventing vehicle theft and recovering potential losses.

Having access to cloud-based footage means that even if the vehicle (and the dash cam) are stolen, the footage is kept secure while the vehicle is being tracked.

Dash cams can help fleets of all sizes stay safe and secure. Contact your ZenduiT consultant today to see which solution is right for you.