A Guide to Rear-View Dash Cams

March 29, 2023


A Guide to Rear-View Dash Cams

Rear-view dash cams are invaluable tools for providing reliable evidence of events that take place on the road behind your vehicle.

What Is a Rear-view Dash Cam?

Commercial rear-view dash cams are mounted on the rear of commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, to capture footage of the rear view while the vehicle is in motion. It records everything happening in front and behind you, as well as to the sides while you’re driving. These cameras are generally used to improve driver safety and monitor vehicle operations. They can also be used to provide evidence in the event of an accident or dispute. The footage recorded by these cameras can be stored on a memory card or transmitted in real-time to a central monitoring system.

Not only do rear-view dash cams provide a record of what happened in the event of an accident, but they serve as a deterrent for aggressive motorists. Dash cam footage can be used to prove your innocence in cases such as hit-and-run driving, aggressive driving or minor collisions. It can also be used to monitor any dangerous driving habits that your drivers may have and can help improve overall road safety with real-time alerts and in-cab coaching.  

Who Needs a Rear-View Dash Cam?

The (NTSB) recommends the use of forward-facing and rear-view cameras in all commercial vehicles to improve safety and reduce the number of accidents caused by driver error.

Fleets with large vehicles will find rear-view dash cams particularly helpful. Whether they’re reversing, performing a wide turn or focused on the road ahead, drivers can rest easy knowing the technology is actively recording their surroundings and providing 360-degree safety.

Benefits of Rear-View Dash Cams

The camera’s ability to capture a wide field of view means that drivers can better monitor the area around their vehicle and provides drivers with an invaluable tool to hone their driving skills and improve safety on the road.

Rear-view dash cameras are a popular way to protect drivers from fraudulent insurance claims and liability. Most rear-view dash cams are GPS-enabled, allowing fleet managers to monitor driving behaviour in real-time and improve driving practices where necessary. Contact your Zenduit consultant today for more information about rear-view dash camera solutions.